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Bemata Is Taking Her Listeners To A Whole New Level

Bemata, a name which is derived from the Amharic word for “by night,” is an American-Ethiopian songstress and producer based in New York. Inspired by her name, she undertakes an exploration of raw truth and duality. Her songwriting explores these themes through the lens of her relationships, with herself and others over driving, tribal bass lines, enchanting vocals and electro beats.

Growing up, her family shared a wide-ranging taste in music — from soul, funk, and jazz to reggae and dance music from all over the world. As the daughter of immigrants who fled a war-torn Ethiopia, music was where they freely transcended cultural boundaries, connected with themselves and the home they were forced to leave behind. Today, she makes music for people who want to dance and get in touch with that fire inside. 

On her latest single New Level//Superwater the artiste says:

”This track is about unlocking new levels inside yourself. I really wanted a song that speaks to the inner transformations so many of us are experiencing right now. Whether you’re working towards a lifestyle that inspires you, trying to get that new promotion, or just generally feeling overwhelmed by all that life is throwing at you-this song is about breaking and pulling on a strength you didn’t know you had.”

On this track, Bemata opens with a lute-like tribal sound and goes in immediately with raspy, low vocals. The beat drop will send any listener into a dance haze. A combination of the lyrics and the beat make for a stellar project that will have dancers bopping and listeners entranced.

Listen to her song here:

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson