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Radr Essentials Vol 11.: Crayon, Ama Ata Aidoo And More

March is finally coming to an end but the good music never stops! This week’s edition of Radr Essentials is packed with hot new tracks and a few good books for you to enjoy and coast on for the rest of the month.

Too Correct- Crayon ft Rema

This upbeat, fast paced afrobeats song was made for the dancefloor. Crayon and Rema match beautifully with their lyrics in this track about a big booty girl who is driving them crazy. The artistes try to woo her with their stardom, money, and promises of intimacy. The song is very enjoyable and is a must listen.

Tumble- Yinoluu & Riverays

Yinoluu and Riverays are a dynamic duo on this soft, ambient track. On this track, the artistes sing for their love interests to tumble down the road of intense emotions with them. With their echoing voices, listeners are led down an enjoyable listen to a great song.

Kele- Eniola havoc

Eniola Havoc wreaks havoc on the mic with this track. Not only are the bars hard, but the hook is also incredibly catchy. Listeners will not know when they start bobbing their heads to this jam.

Mission- +234 & Various Artists

This track is so short and leaves listeners hungry for more. The artistes sing about being a man on a mission which is spreading vibes and being chill. They warn an interested girl not to get too attached to them with a delightful smoothie of harmonizing vocals.

Sexy Papa- Ijekimora

Ijekimora is a fresh face on the Nigerian music scene. She’s offering listener’s fesh vocals and an upbeat vibe with her track Sexy Papa. Though relatively short, this song is definitely one to jump on the dancefloor with.


Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga

The semi-autobiographical novel focuses on the story of a Shona family in post-colonial Rhodesia during the 1960s and follows the story of the protagonist Tambu and her foray into a new missionary school away from home. Nervous Conditions illustrates the dynamic themes of race, colonialism, and gender during the post-colonial conditions of present-day Zimbabwe.

No Sweetness Here and Other Stories by Ama Ata Aidoo

In this collection, Ama Ata Aidoo explores postcolonial life in Ghana with honesty and humour within elevel short stories. Tradition wrestles with new urban influences as Africans try to sort out their identity in an ever changing cultural plane. True to the tradition of African storytelling, the characters come to life through their distinct voices and speech. 

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson