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Bizzonthetrack Makes A Good Impression On His “Bisi Kuti (Deluxe)” EP

Following the release of his Bisi Kuti EP, Bizzonthetrack has enjoyed relatively good traction in the last few months. The artist on-the-rise combines alternative sounds with Nigerian influences, stretching the lengths of his creative reach. On Bisi Kuti (Deluxe), Bizz has given us three new songs, and we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the project.

He sets the listener going with the first track “Lady” whose opening chords are reminiscent of Fela and his tempo; but Bizzonthetrack quickly sets himself apart with a snazzy tune and fast lyrics. The song features Eltina Milaroni whose smooth vocals transform the energy of the song, bringing softness and sensuality to the record. This record would take a listener on a journey that explores the chemistry shared by both artists.

The next song on this Bizzonthetrack project is “Kpa” which is a song about hustling and praying God crowns the efforts of he and his hardworking boys with success. Though this is the general theme of the song, the song’s style is almost unexpected. The song is not much faster at its tempo than “Lady” but in the lyrics, the artist really expresses his hope that he and his boys will blow up and be successful. The listeners of this project will be drawn into “Kpa” by the snares and will find the artiste’s hustle relatable.


“Old Time Lover” is an aptly named song about calling up your ex. Listeners will be able to find the singer’s attempts to reconcile with his old flame familiar. While the premise of the song can be considered similar to the early 2000’s themes of trying to fix an old relationship, Bizzonthetrack puts a unique spin on it with his steady tempo and crisp guitar chords.

The next track, “Alcohol and Asun” starts almost drunkenly, allowing the listener to draw a direct parallel from the song title to the track itself. Bizz’s lyrics delivery even sounds the tiniest bit slurred and the piano chords waving in the background also serves the purpose of setting the imagery for this track. The lyrics “Baby pass me the liquor” and the artist then trying to hit on her “I go chop your banku” also points to the decisions or thoughts that alcohol can induce.

On “Shoda?”, Bizzonthetrack sings about his partner who left him most likely because he had no more money. He sings “Baby baby why otonu?/Shey na the cash wey don go?/I don’t know.” Regardless of the fact that the love interest left him, he still begs her to come back. The listeners can feel him express his feelings for her when he sings “She wan dey chill with Wizzy/But I wanna be her prince. Baby shoda?

The last song, “Fire Party” is a perfect song to wrap up this project. On the song, Bizzonthetrack sings about spending money lavishly at a party. Quite a few songs on this project alluded to spending time in friend groups and at functions so this record about a lit gathering is the perfect way to come full circle on that theme. The atypical and yet unique sound makes it the perfect song to play at any fire party.

On this project, Bizzonthetrack explores relationships a lot, from his dissection of love on “Lady” and “Shoda?”, to his camaraderie with his boys on Kpa, he successfully takes the listener with him on his exploration, flitting easily from romantic relationships to platonic ones more focused on succeeding together. The artiste uses the beats of each individual song to not only set the mood but also to buttress the message of his songs.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson