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Adekunle Gold and Forevatired Shine On This Week’s New Music Monday

As usual, it’s our job to tell you about music from the past weekend that you absolutely have to listen to. Adekunle Gold has our spotlight with his lovely new single, “AG Baby”.

Niniola – Addicted

A Niniola and Sarz link-up is never not good. In the latest addition to their healthy catalogue of work together, the duo unearth another bounce masterpiece, similar to mega-hits like “Bana” and “Ibadi” in the past. Top performance from these two. 

Dimss – High Life (feat. PsychoYP)

Family and Friends collective founding member Dimss enlists PsychoYP for his first single of the year, “High Life”. YP’s venomous delivery brings added spice to Dimss’ intensity, and it is the recipe for a solid trap record.


What an experience. The rise of the Lagos boy band Forevatired has been great to witness, as they continue to gain traction for their ability to blur the boundaries of genre. THOSE KIDS NEXT DOOR is a love child of Western and Nigerian influences — evident on songs like the hypnotic “FILM TRICK” and the intense “BABY JESUS”.

Adekunle Gold – AG Baby (feat. Nailah Blackman)

Adekunle Gold continues to reinvent himself and his sound with every passing day. On “AG Baby”, he’s bouncy and playful — a far cry from earlier versions of himself when he first burst onto the mainstream scene. He even changed his hairdo!

Yotan – Oyin

Beautifully sung and beautifully strung, but with really sad words. Yotan’s “Oyin” sees the singer wonder why his love interest does not seem to reciprocate his love. “I’m fucking up the place for your case”, Yotan sings on this sad but very enjoyable song.

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Clarence Macebong
Clarence Macebong