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BUJU ‘BNXN’ hits New Milestone with NFT Collection ‘HeadsbyBNXN’

Recent advancements in technology, music, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse have contributed to the rapid pace of technological change globally. With music NFTs, music artists are strengthening relationships with their fans. Last year, Canadian rapper Tory Lanez released his NFT music album and sold out all one million copies in under a minute. More musicians like Nas, Snoop Dogg, Nick Cannon, and now Buju ‘BNXN’, have equally taken advantage of the space to release music projects and collections with utilities for fans and collectors.

Nigerian music artiste ‘BNXN’ formerly known as BUJU, is one of the newest members inducted into the NFT community as he adds his NFT collection ‘HeadsbyBNXN’ to the several milestones under his belt. A few months after his thrilling performance at the O2 arena during Wizkid’s three-day show in London, Grammy-nominated BNXN announced the launch of his NFT collection via a tweet. 

In less than two months after the above tweet, what seemed like another dream turned into reality with the launch of the NFT project consisting of 10,001 heads ready to lead holders into the comic sphere and discover the hidden rhythms, as described in the storyline.

The first phase of the HeadsbyBNXN NFT mint ended on the 30th of March, but not without holders having a taste of the exciting utilities disclosed in the roadmap. In early March, holders were thrilled to attend an IRL event with BNXN present for an exclusive listening session for the ‘Kilometer’ Remix ft. Zinoleesky. In addition, they received physical copies of the HeadsbyBnxn comic book, Merch, and other surprises.

HeadsbyBnxn IRL event with Buju (BNXN)

As the holders of the HeadsbyBnxn NFT interact in the play space with Buju (Bnxn) and prepare for phase two mint, I meet with the team behind this amazing project to discuss the journey, innovative ideas, play space, and utilities for being a member of the HeadsbyBNXN exclusive web3 social club. Let’s meet them.

Meet the Team

Iyobosa Rehoboth – Product Developer and Facilitator

Iyabosa is an award-winning creator and entrepreneur exploring the transection of creativity and technology for storytelling and problem-solving. He has extensive experience as a creative professional in various capacities across filmmaking, digital content strategy, integrated marketing, prototyping, and immersive visual technology. 

Prodigeezy Dot connector HeadsbyBNXN NFT
Iyobosa ‘Prodigeezy’ Rehoboth

Prodigeezy, as he’s popularly known, is the dot connector for the HeadsbyBNXN NFT project. After discovering his passion for virtual reality and the exploits of the metaverse, he and his team at Floats decided to create a music NFT project that will serve as the building block for onboarding African creators, art enthusiasts, and music lovers into the web3 space. 

Speaking on the project’s conception, Prodigeezy says, “For the past couple of years, I’ve explored AR, VR, NFTs, Blockchain, and the metaverse to understand how we as Africans can adapt, and benefit from our rapidly evolving world. As we progressed with our research and plans, we connected with BNXN, who had also been exploring new ways to tell his story and connect with his fans. It was like a match made in heaven when I reached out to Chisom, and he linked us with BNXN.

BNXN was working on a comic book that would allow him to share his journey and further connect with his fans. So, when we met, it was perfect because he had ideas of what he wanted to achieve, and we had the technical know-how to bring those ideas to life in the most technically advanced way that could onboard music lovers to a new reality, the web3 space.”

Chisom Njoku – Media and Comms Entrepreneur and Co-Founder 

A Media and Communications expert with years of experience as an independent creative and ample knowledge of the intricacies of Nigerian Digital Media. 

Chisom Njoku Co-Founder Buju 'BNXN' HeadsbyBNXN NFT
Chisom Njoku

As a writer and content creator, Chisom has written numerous articles exploring the Nigerian creative space and held interviews with local and international public figures across various niches ranging from politics, entertainment, music, and film. These include one Oscar winner and two Grammy award winners.

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, Chisom is fondly called ‘The Media Mogul’, and prides himself on amplifying thoughts and utilizing his vast network to turn ideas into reality. Whether you know him from his works with Guardian Life, PulseNG, or Porsche, Chisom has played a vital role in several successful projects in art and media. From being a long-time friend of BNXN, Chisom shared the vision of creating a next-level project that tells the story of the talented music artist. 

According to Chisom, “When Prodigeezy came to me with his pitch for BNXN, I had an instant epiphany and decided that was our next project. BNXN is very creative and open-minded. So it wasn’t difficult to get the ball rolling on the HeadsbyBNXN project. He has always wanted to connect with his fans in ways that are more than music and give back to them, so the NFT project is the perfect foundation to build on.”

Adebisi Gbeminiyi Moyosore (Sore) – Co-Founder and Creative Director 

Sore is a Lagos-based artist who has been honing his skills in digital illustrations and painting for the past five years. He has grown from designing music cover art to making a published comic book. Sore is self-taught and made acrylic paintings while studying creative arts at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

He has always loved to broaden his horizons while delivering unique visual compositions and narratives with his range of artistic styles. His illustrations have featured on several brands, including Davido Music Worldwide Record label (DMW), Sony Music entertainment, Sixseight beauty bar, Empire record label, and others.

While speaking about how he got involved with the HeadsbyBNXN NFT project, Sore says, “I was working on a personal comic project when BNXN reached out to me with the idea for his comic book as a means to tell his story and connect with his fans. I was intrigued, and we began working on it right away. From an artist’s perspective, I can say BNXN is conscious of his art and how he communicates it with his fans and audience. If you knew Buju, BNXN will wow you. There is a lot we are yet to unveil, and I am optimistic about the exciting things we can do with the art we create.”

Michael Otugo – Art Director and Multidisciplinary Artist

The Lagos-based multidisciplinary artist better known as ‘Black Poser’ is the artist behind the 3D animated video shown above. He is highly proficient in 3D animation, AR, VR products, and Photography. His skills are instrumental to some of the future drops that holders of the HeadsbyBNXN NFTs will receive as they scour the play space, interact with games, and other moving parts of the metaverse while they explore the full length of the roadmap.

Black Poser 3D animator for the Buju BNXN HeadsbyBNXN NFTs
Miracle Otugo

An aspect of the HeadsbyBNXN project that is dominant over other ‘celebrity-themed’ NFT projects is the educational initiative which makes up the core pivot of the project.

Prodigeezy explains why it is more than just an NFT collection. “One of the core goals of the HeadsbyBNXN project is to onboard a minimum of 10,000 individuals onto the web3 space through an intensive educational campaign on the fundamentals of blockchain, the perks of NFTs for artists and collectors alike, Virtual reality, and what the future holds for Art and Technology. We have kicked off weekly and bi-weekly forums in the discord, Twitter spaces, and IRL events, and will continue to host more online and IRL educational sessions to meet our goals.”

Other essential members of the team include; The Angel of Pc, Sylvia Design, KemiSola, D.D, Bigmanspice, and Big Ted.

As BNXN and his team of creatives and innovators explore and onboard thousands of youths into the web3 space through music, NFTs, and other moving parts of the metaverse, one must commend their efforts to bridge the gap between virtual reality and IRL Connections.

It is also noteworthy to highlight the immense growth of BNXN’s journey as a creator from being that dude with soft, catchy hooks and melodies, to a Grammy nominated superstar. His resilient gusto to never stop and embrace Daniel Benson’s dreams is something sweet to watch unfold and serves as a solid foundation for more African musicians to build on. The HeadsbyBNXN NFT project is an interesting feat to his journey as a music artist and one to watch closely.

To be a member of the HeadsbyBNXN community join the discord here.

Arshavin Ephraim
Arshavin Ephraim
Host of #RealTalk show on Twitter. I am passionate about talent and creativity. Arshavin is a writer who doubles as a mental health advocate and part-time relationship counselor.