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Don Ngatia shines on the Glossy Vintage Appeal of Classic R&b to the Modern Feels of Today.

Poetry is to R&b as Don Ngatia is to Soul Music.

It’s a 4-in-1 package deal; Poetry +R&b +Soul Music +Don Ngatia

 Those who say R&b is dead must haven’t heard and listened to Don Ngatia. The recognition and incorporation of Classic R&b fused with Contemporary R&b and soulful music is a tale Don Ngatia tells expediently.

His discography encompasses an individual revisiting the classic R&b Formula and retailing to the audience who seeks such rare fabric of Rnb. It’s rich and delicate, like a baby wrapped in silk and oil, deserving of all the soft love and attention. Don has a preference for releasing singles showcasing rich, emotive lyrics and vocals. 

While Don Ngatia’s arrangements are distinctively minimalistic, Solitude” is a heartwarming and sensational track. It gives the spiritual threshing floor ascension vibe as he sings, “Something brings me back to you. Spiritual searching for you and your solitude”. He deeply expresses his love expecting reciprocation as he also speaks on the effect of nostalgia on strengthening this love.

Mirabelle, the lyrics are presented in the form of a parable, you might listen to it twice to finally understand the direction and inferences the story takes on.

  The conventional story is told in an unconventional form, discussing the common story of many families, and the existence of the belief in a supernatural being. Sustained by their love and the belief in living for each day and leaving their worries, wants, and provision for their child in the hands of God the father and the creator to take care of. 

Come and behold him aside from alluding to a popular Christian hymn. It’s a gospel-like, qualitative 10-minute Neo soul record. He speaks on the birth of Christ, who came as a promise to redeem. Humming as therapeutic with the Kid Cudi effect, it cleanses the soul and projects a clear and vivid imagination of the birth of the son of God, who came to save and deliver humankind.

Capturing the story of the humble manger’s birth, it’s the significance of royalty. The 9:30 minute track, originally a single track, is made up of the composition of two conjoined tracks. At 7:20, It seems like the first track comes to a close, and a new one ” Oooh Israel,” plays. It’s still on the same track; this is one of those awesome Sunday choir hymns classics.

Alone is a personal favorite, Don’s silky voice floats over the track, as he reminisces over a past amorous relationship with an ex-lover. Instantly drifting to attend to the present realities of heartbreak and loneliness. He expresses his vulnerability and moves forward while reminiscing on this moment with this anonymous lover.

The instrumentation follows a pattern in Don’s Discography toward the end of each track; the beats sit still and infused, digesting into the track. It’s like the final seasoning and dressing on an exotic 5-star salad.

His Musically rich discography flashes of brilliance, and peaceful and soothing sultry vibes. It’s packed with the juices and elements of music that makes it stand out. It might not sound like any other but also takes on notable elements of music you would want to experience.

Don explores a unique type of soul music, as he absorbs classic r&b, neo-soul, and Soul – jazz elements. Passes clear messages with his sonorous voice and clarity in his sound and lyrics. His exceptional and unconventional songcraft is sonically unhurried yet ambient and softly exploratory. 

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.