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Enjoy good music from Rema, Majeed & Kashy

The Radr team wants you to wrap up the month of March with quality Afro-tunes. Here is our essential for this week. Let’s start with Rema.

Attention – Rema

Called the prince of Afro-beats by many, Rema finally released his much-awaited album. As expected, the album is loaded with a lot of enjoyable tracks. “Attention” however, is quickly standing out as a fan favorite. For an African act, this song is very experimental and sounds futuristic. it is a fusion of Afro-rave and the Weeknd-esque hip-pop dance. Rema sings a lover that can’t get enough of the fast lifestyle.

Big Shoe – TuHeavy

This duo might just be the next best thing is bread and butter. Big Shoe is an intro to their self titled EP; TuHeavy. As soon as the track started, they bought declared their greatness and panache. They are confident that they have what it take to make make and sustain stardom.

How I Care – Majeed

Majeed presents a twisted love story on this track. His soft-sounding melodies were not enough to convince the listeners that this is a love song. Rather, it makes it obvious how sad loving is. it appears that his love interest is merely stringing him along for her amusement. Her expression of love is toxic and unkind. Amidst these, Majeed remains defeated and helplessly in love.

On God – Kashy ft Seyi Vibez

Kashy, a fast-rising streetpop act partnered with Seyi Vibez to cook up this reflective tune.

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite