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Radr Essentials Vol.49: Listen to mellow music from Asake, Ric Hassani and Karie.

Here is the Radr team’s round up of the hottest, freshest music that dropped over the past week.

Omo Ope – Asake Ft Olamide.

Asake makes a re-entry into the industry by collaborating with serial hitmaker, Olamide to cook this euphonious hype single. ’Omo ope’ is the street slang for a winner or someone that’s getting right. In this track both Olamide and Asake  sang about the big boy lifestyle of an omo ope over an amapiano beat. One of the most memorable aspects of the song is the hook which has a chant-like melody to support it. The song is definitely one you can play with your full chest if you get aux. 

Sleep – Kaire. 

A striking and mellow saxophone sound announced the commencement of this song. It enchants the listeners and also informs them that this is nothing like they are used to. In not more than 3 minutes Kaire charms the listener with her soft and mellifluous voice while sax plays alongside her vocals. She sang about her love interest and their chemistry in the most charming way.

Angel (Acoustic) – Ric Hassani

For a previously released song, this song sounds refreshing. The introduction of the tingling sounds of a guitar makes it even better than the original version. Ric Hassani sings about his vulnerability for his love and her angelic nature.

Pay me – Paynaache ft T.I Blaze

This song embodies the energy we all need for the new week. Paynaache and T.I Blaze want us to get up and grind. We are all getting paid!

Money for hand – Ade James ft Liya

This is yet another love song on this week’s Radr essential. It narrates a sad tale of the commercialization of romantic relationships. Ade sang in falsetto about his Odoyewu that cares more about his money and less about his love. Liya also balanced the equation with her dulcet vocals.

T.G.I.F – Terry Apala

Terry’s raspy and breathy voice gives him an edge every time and that’s the case on this track. He delivered smooth verses about partying. He wants the listeners to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite