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Finally, Blnde Returns with the Release of The Eagerly Anticipated New Single “S.B.B.”

If you enjoy listening to BrazyBIh, Amaarae, Blnde is next on that list.

Noun;  Bad B :

  A term that refers to a female fully aware of her main character alter-ego. Her daily mantra is soft life, ease, and the finest things in life. You will always see her looking her best, regardless of the timing or occasion.  She might outshine you at your event, but who is to blame? (Your need for adequate planning and foresight.)

Adjective; Super Bad B

   Of Relating to Ariana Blnde 

   Relating to the elite individuals who listen to blnde

  Intended for anyone who identifies as a follower or ardent lover of Blnde’s gospel

Relating to Anyone engaging in Super Bad B activities.

The buildup to an outstanding summer experience is conceived months before the season’s unveiling. Many factors are considered to tick the boxes of what a  great summer experience would entail: the new fashion and lifestyle direction, trendy pieces and patterns, and, most essentially, the music.

The glorified summer experience is primarily influenced by the genre of music rocking the radio waves, the genre with the most played at raves, and the tunes, the majority have on repeat. 

The music released in  Q1 of 2023  has played an incredible role as the forerunner of the Summer 23 experience. The summer 23 hype intensifies in deep appreciation for the widely acclaimed success of Afrobeats in the past few years.

 Afrobeat is the level-headed glass ceiling breaker. Simultaneously making room for other subgenres to sit comfortably on high table conversations and contribute as strong contenders and culture influencers. The beauty of this significant takeover is the subgenres are not letting up easily. Afrobeat in every dimension ( Afro-pop, Afro-fusion, Afro-drill) exist, and have been churning out hits tracks. Foot on the gas, we are not taking a break anytime soon. It is world domination period and summer 23 is to go down the road to be remembered as one of the testaments of the success of the once traditionally marginalized sounds.

Into the year, the likes of Lojay, Victony, Rexxie, Rema, Amaarae, Ayra star, Tiwa Savage, and Davido have released potential summer jams. Here comes Blnde with S.B.B. You can tell we are in for a great summer. S.B.B is the follow-up track to Blnde’s debut titled   “LIGHTWEIGHT. ” A noticeable trait is how experimental the track S.B.B is compared to lightweight.

Lightweight takes the path of a Hip Hop/ Rap song, while S.B.B has the flair of an Afro-Pop vibe. S.B.B. goes off as a potential summer bop. Hopefully, there will be other songs and feature appearances by Blnde to bop to. A remarkable constant is the sass and pretty princess energy, both tracks project. Blnde nods at engraving her name amongst the versatile acts who can switch between genres to match the energy they choose to give off. 

With just two tracks in her discography. The tracks upon every listen is an intersection deeply revealing blonde’s personality and lyrics and sound preference. Her sound projects a distinct sizzling quality, and her voice is recognizable. Looking forward to hearing her on features and the journey to becoming a household name.

The intro starts off with a witty, catchy, and clever pre-hook. The first verse is indicating of self-awareness and self-realization. Blnde is on a high and won’t let anyone interfere with her Zen. She knows she is the prize and isn’t reluctant to let the world in on that. The most fulfilling part is how these self-aware lyrics convert to self-affirmation statements on listeners’ lips.

S.B.B is a bop, and the TikTok girlies have co-signed their assent to that declaration. The snippets gathered a positive reaction, racking up a high turnout of people making videos to the sound and having listeners plead with Blnde to release the track S.B.B on streaming platforms for convenient consumption. The lyrics could individually stand as Instagram-worthy captions. It is set on an authoritative and assertive note, the required note to capture your attention while taking in the lyrics. The pop, infectious tune catches up to you and leaves its mark on you like a personalized oud scent. Going on with your everyday activities, you unconsciously catch yourself singing the chorus.

On the 30th of March, she released S.B.B onto streaming platforms alongside an intriguing promotional video, directed and executed by the budding golden slate adroit Producer, director and videographer Prince Akpa.

Prince Akpa has overseen and worked behind the scenes on many notable and recognizable projects. The promotional video features the controversial Oap, Nedu, alongside Blnde. The visuals capture the dauntless Senorita posing for a supposed mugshot. Notably, it misses the traditional aesthetic of a close-up police booking photograph but retains the essential characteristics to stand out as a mugshot. The height measurements chart and the mugshot board clearly convey the message it intends to highlight. Nedu, the police officer, seems to be experiencing difficulties with directing how to pose to get a clear mugshot.

The unperturbed, defiant offender commits yet another offense while taking the shot. It’s airy and fun and complements the track S.B.B Blonde looks stunning and unruffled, and the mugshots could be mistaken for a fashion or lifestyle magazine cover shoot. Clearly, these antics can only be pulled by a Super bad B.

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.