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Joseph Harmony Inspires Positivity with New Single ‘Shokpe’

Budding singer and songwriter Joseph Harmony releases an inspirational track as his latest single, Shokpe. For his second release of the year, he reflects on his wins. He disregards the negativity hurled by fake friends to belittle his efforts and chooses to celebrate rather than dwell in the past.

Joseph harmony inspires positivity with new single Shokpe

Joseph Harmony, born Joseph Chibuzor Chima, also known as Jay Harmony, is an IT professional and an M & A specialist with keen interests in music and entertainment since his teens. His love for music spawned from his early childhood when he joined his church choir and became the youngest choirmaster as a skilled instrumentalist. He decided to pursue a music career and made his debut in 2019 with Luv U. 

While shuttling entrepreneurship and music, he released other songs such as Kokoko and Ballin. In 2021, as the world began to resume activities after the Coronavirus pandemic, Joseph Harmony released his debut project, an EP titled For 4. The EP contained four tracks and garnered fans for the singer. A music video accompanied the body of work for one of the tracks off the EP, Badman.

Joseph Harmony new single Shokpe
Joseph Harmony

Shokpe comes off the heels of his last release, Ghetto, which tells the story of a female con artist that lures him with her beauty.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Shokpe, Joseph Harmony says, “Have you ever realized how when you are successful, and you tell someone close to you, or tell your idea to someone, they get envious, and trash it because it is not their idea or effort?”. “Well, it is not your fault that they act that way towards you because you are blessed one way or another, and you are not alone.”

Shokpe is an inspirational song that exemplifies a positive outlook toward negative beliefs or mindsets. I want to remind my listeners about the achievements and the good tidings coming their way.”

Joseph Harmony shokpe release on RadrAfrica
Joseph Harmony Perfoming the ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ (Con Te Partirò)

The Nigerian-American is passionate about music. His long-time dream is to become an Opera singer and successfully run a music record label. This zeal propels his music releases and his independent company TOF Entertainment. His frequent interaction with prominent music industry personalities is aimed at productive collaborations and amplifying Afrobeats in the U.S.

With this new release, Joseph Harmony seeks to inspire well-meaning Africans to ignore all forms of belittling and focus on their growth while they amplify their efforts for bigger wins. 

Listen to Shokpe here

Arshavin Ephraim
Arshavin Ephraim
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