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 Nigerian Drill; Odumodublvck is the Heartbeat of Afro Drill Rap.

Odumodu, you be boss”.  The widely acclaimed Afro Drill Rapper and Hip-Hop artist. Renowned for his fusion of Hip-Hop, Drill, and Grime Music.  Odumodublvck has featured in songs with various prominent artists. Including BBK Grime Mc “Frisco for “Albany Close.” Abuja’s Top act, “Psycho Yp,” for “Bando Diaries and Dangerous” world. Alpha Ojini for “Vigilante Bop” and Erriga for “PTSD.” He has also collaborated with  Reeplay, for the “Anti-World Gangstars Album.”

Odumodublvck is an Afro Grime, Afro Drill MC known for his boisterous and high-spirited stage performance. His lyrics convey the message of his bold and audacious personality. The signature   ‘Ishagu’ and “Okpu Agu”  attire of cultural significance and reflects his sound referenced to a fierce warrior chant.

His personal life experiences inspire the great storytelling in his lyrics. Tracks like Raining Day,” “Commot for Sanko,” and his feature appearance onVigilante Bopby  “Alpha Ojini”  confirms this. He is intentional about his lyrics and happy to make music his outlet for expression. In this era of artiste-defined genres, the “Big Gun” classifies his genre of music as “Okporoko Music.” Obviously indented by the strong bass with aggressive sound and lyrics. Consequently, creates an upbeat tempo coupled with the right dose of repeating vocals in pidgin and  Native  Ibo language. He traces it to the literal definition of Okporoko. To begin with, the sauce condiment is called stockfish, and the bitter-sweet but still clamoring for more experience it delivers.

Who is Odumodublvck?

For most people coming across his music for the first time, there are a lot of lingering questions. Like what does Odumodu mean? Why are his songs titled the way they are? Is AntiWorldGangstars a cult? Significantly this question forms the identity of a prejudiced man who is often misrepresented but shares everyone else’s beliefs. Drawing inspiration from love, religion, and ambition reshaping it ingeniously the Odumodu way.

He got the name “Odumodu” during the second year of his Junior School Education at Christ the King College. An unexpected prank that trademarked a career trailblazer of Odumodublvck and his approach to expressing himself in his music. Later on, he will change it to T- Flows but realizes the name “Odumodu” conveys the personality attribute he embodies. It perfectly commemorates the vision of what he wanted his music to sound like.

His Tertiary Education at the University of Lagos for the Social Science Course “Mass Communications.” Provides him with insight into the psychology behind Newspaper Headlines and the impact of dramatic titles. Infusing this into his music with titles like “Dog eat Dog,” “Gutter Man,” “Shokolokobangoshe,” and “Potor Potor” . It has the effect of leading your curiosity to give him a listen. For many Odumodu fans, this one-time listen led them to discover his previous works. Acknowledging his unparalleled contribution to the Nigerian music industry. The best part is that Odumodu has a discography comprising many projects. With reference songs on diverse subject matters from political activism, love, and loyalty, amongst other essential conversation starters.

What Impact has Odumodublvck Made as an Afro Drill Rapper in Nigeria?

 The Nigerian music industry is a creative branch signposting a rich heritage of diverse talents. With the progressive nature of amplifying traditional sounds to meet the present-day rhythm and dynamics. However, laying claim to its roots or foundational concepts is beyond the bounds of possibility within the Grime and Drill space. Charting un-tarred paths is a method of adapting to new sounds but requires originality to stand out. Restructuring it to meet the expectation of the artiste in particular. Nigeria’s Afro Drill and Grime genre composition is a desert discovered and dominated by Odumodu and his industry-affiliates “ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS.” Seeing the quality of exploration in that genre of music by these young talented acts is mind-blowing.

The year 2022 has had its ups and downs but has undoubtedly been great for the BIG GUN. He released alongside “Afroselecta-BBK &CMG,” the follow-up edition to the first T.A.D.E (The Afro Drill Experiment project). He has been a regular and prominent feature on many albums and singles. Recently he took to his Instagram to share a snippet of “Picanto.” This is in collaboration with the Nigerian King of Adlibs, “Zlatan” under Native Records and Def Jam. Also, the recent bromance between him and Grime- Don ‘Skepta’ seems to tease another international collaboration.

Undeniably, ODUMODUBLVCK is one of the few acts referred to as “ National Treasures.” Considering his back-to-back bangers and chokehold bars coupled with the inclusion of native language in his lyrics. Odumodu is a promising act; hopefully, the stars align in his favor, and he will reap the reward of his hard work and dedication to his craft.

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.