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Plvyboi Pluto Is Looking For Peace Of Mind

Uchechukwu godwin also known as Plvyboy Pluto is an ever-evolving enigma even to himself. He is constantly exploring the facets of his personality and his capacity to feel and express himself through music.

His former musical persona, Afrowonder is partly responsible for the direction of this song. In an interview with Guardian, the artiste shared how he shed the Afrowonder persona and in the chaos, ”Peace Of Mind ” was born.

Plvyboy Pluto has been feeling like he has lost pieces of himself; perhaps to the never ending corporate rat race, or to chasing success, or to life’s many obstacles.

On his latest single, Peace Of Mind,  emerging trap artiste, Plvyboi Pluto, brings reflective lyrics and sombre beats crafted with alluring trap melodies over a brooding instrumental.

On Peace of Mind, Pluto narrates a depressive episode filled with a continuous quest towards finding peace of mind. He touches on issues that a lot of young people will be able to connect to and relate with such as the numbness drugs offer or staying on the road in search of a better life. 

Plvyboi Pluto also has  reflective conversations with himself on his journey to fame and success.

Peace of Mind is Plvyboi Pluto’s lead single ahead of his forthcoming debut EP titled Never.

You can listen to the song here:

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson