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Radr Essentials Vol 4: Dozie, Eri Ife, Ayobami Adebayo And More

The month of love is zipping by fast and Radr hopes you are clutching your pearls in excitement for Valentines. Getting into the Valentine’s spirit, the Radr team shared some of the songs and books they really loved. 

Under pressure- Dozie

Dozie taps into mild rock n roll to birth this passionate track off his project In My Feelings//In The Dark. The track is full of impassioned lyrics and smooth vocals heavy with emotion. Dozie is not afraid to approach these feelings head on as he sings about being under pressure but wanting to remain his true self.

Ginger Me Slowly- Somi

Somi has one of the most delightful vocals in the game. Her voice pours on listeners’ eardrums like warm honey. She lived in Lagos for 18 months to perfect the smooth, relaxed, jazz vibe she brings on this track. 

Lie To You- Darey

On this track, fan favorite Darey is willing to lie to his love interest just to keep her happy. Its a sad love song and the artiste is driven to the wall by the insecurities of his lover. Now he has to make the hard choice of looking like the villain to ease her mind.

Lights-PURRRRRR ft July Drama & IDEH

This upbeat track has excellent harmonies and adlibs with sync perfectly with the ethereal vocals delivered on the song. The artiste sings about being blinded by the lights of his love interest. The track is a delightful listen and will have listeners dancing before they know it.

Ricochet- Kirukaah

The track starts off with a loud, clear call and response that sets the pace for this song. The song is punctuated with a hearty chorus, trumpets and a cheery tune. 

Let Me- Eri Ife ft Wapo

Eri ife and Wapo are electric on this track. The artistes passionately tell their love interests to choose their love and not the one of the wrong man. The upbeat tune of this song is perfect for couples to vibe to this valentine.


Stay With Me- Ayobami Adebayo

Ayobami Adebayo delves deep into the complex relationship of a married couple, Yejide and Akin in Nigeria set against the political climate of the 1980s. The couple cannot bear a child and due to societal pressures Akin takes a second wife. A remarkably well written work, Ayobami Adebayo takes readers on many twists and turns and a surprise at the end.

The Translator-Leila Aboulela

The Translator is Sudanese writer Leila Aboulela’s first novel, published in 1999. The book follows the romance story between a Sudanese widow and a Scottish Middle Eastern Professor. They must navigate their pasts, their faith and their love in this beautiful book filled with complex backgrounds and relationships.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson