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Radr Essentials Vol 5.; ElDray, PrettyBoyDo, Ama Ata Aidoo And More

The weekend of love might be behind us but that doesn’t mean the season of love is over. Whether a saxophonist serenaded you or not yesterday, the Radr team is going to show you love by sharing their favorite songs, books and more from this past week! From Eldray to Chimamanda Adichie, the fun doesn’t end.


From Time- ElDray ft MosstheFireman & Blessed the Minstrel

This song embodies the sentiments of this season of love and couldn’t have dropped at a better time. The constant shifting within the song from slow to fast paced rap is unexpected and enjoyable. Moss, Blessed and ElDray effortlessly merge their individual sounds into this smoothie of love for all listeners to enjoy.

Alexis Texas- CRUISE GANG & Marv OTM ft SGaWD

CRUISE GANG and Marv OTM are a powerhouse on this moderate-paced track. This track has both early 2000s RnB influences as well as trap influences which were now twisted and blurred together to produce this very catchy song. The sharply delivered lyrics only make the song more enjoyable and catchier for the listeners.

Police n Teef- PrettyBoyDo

Prettyboydo is a versatile artiste known to experiment with his sound and this track is no exception. This song is a fast-paced, fun-sounding track about the havoc the artiste causes in relationships while he tries to defend himself from the arising consequences. The artiste sings about his fighting prowess and the chorus of the song makes light of the sleepless night’s boyfriends have because they’re afraid the artiste will move to their babe. It promises to be a fun listen for any and everyone interested.

I Got It- Princess Mami ft Psycho YP

Princess Mami channels Flo Milli energy on this head bopper of a song she drops with established talent Psycho YP. Listeners will be enthralled by the easy cockiness of both artistes on this track as well as the excellent lyrics that make up the song.


Changes: A Love Story By Ama Ata Aidoo

Aidoo writes about Esi, the career-centred heroine of this 1991 novel; a woman who divorces her first husband and marries into a polygamist union, all the while working hard to make it in a challenging modern day, Accra  A totally engrossing read, Changes explores the complex world in which the lives of professional working women have changed sharply, but the cultural assumptions of men’s lives have not. 

Americanah By Chimamanda Adichie

As teenagers in Lagos, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love – what happens after that – is the subject of this book. A good old fashioned romance with lots of heartbreak, and hair – Americanah is a novel that aimed to say something on race, love and hair from a very, decidedly, Nigerian and African perspective.  It tackles African brain drain, blogging, diasporans returning to Africa, US and British strains of racism. The complex relationships that exist from the bottom of the wealth pyramid to the top as well as how the characters navigaye them are excellently expressed in this book. Simply a must read.

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Betty Godson