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RADR Essentials Vol. 71: Ayra Starr, Dwin The Stoic, and Others.

In this week’s RADR Essentials, here is all the good music the team at RADR has been listening to the past week. We are drawing energy from women this week: Ayra Starr, Liya, and Jamila

Ayra Starr – ASE

I’m here for all my women living their best lives. Ayra is taking no prisoners in her latest release. She is living life on her own terms and ignoring the naysayers. Middle finger to everyone dictating what she can and cannot do. Her first performance of the song was done with so much pizazz at Colors & Studios.


We are starting off our list with Straffiti’s Rich Girl. In this song, he tells us about this girl he’s trying to get with. She’s rich so she has everything she could need. There’s a caveat though. “She wants me but she don’t know how to say it, Cause she got a man by her side”. Interesting, don’t you think? You know what they say, don’t let the person you’re dating stop you from meeting the love of your life.

Jamila – Winter in Tokyo

This song was inspired a year before its release when Jamila took a trip to Tokyo, Japan. It’s the second single off her debut album due to be released in December. She sings to her lover, telling them she will always be there.  Every moment they are together feels like a perfect design. I’m hoping I find out how it feels during winter in Tokyo sometime soon.

Liya – Melo


Melo set Liya on the path to stardom. This was the song that got her signed to the DMW label. She became the first woman signed to the 30BG crew. When she said “I got the sound, I’ll make you come alive” she didn’t lie. She’s been making waves since then. 

Dwin, The Stoic – Winning Bread

This song is off Dwin’s new three-song project “Gkw / Winning Bread”. This song is the anthem of all our hearts. It’s how many of us feel and Dwin has put these feelings into words strung together with a beautiful melody. “Life can be a trip sometimes…But can it please be good?” 

I’ll see you all on next week’s RADR Essentials.

Rose Komolafe
Rose Komolafe