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Radr Presents: An Oldies Playlist For Valentines

Looking for the right person to guest curate a golden oldies Valentine’s playlist, Irene was one of the first people to come to mind. Irene Iredia is a Model, Fashion Blogger and digital marketer,

creating out of Nigeria, who channels her creative personality through a range of artistic outlets. 

Commonly known as René or René Styles, she has a love for Fashion, Music and Digital Media. Three words at the heart of her style are androgyny, minimalistic but fun; which is clear to see as she models her choices in both clothes and music.

The fashionable curator was asked, “What are your most notable songs and why?”. 

She said:

Sweet love; Anita is EVERYTHING. She captures everything in her lyrics and her tone. The way she sings about love just makes me want it, lmao! Also love is sweet when it’s with the right person.

Real love; It’s the ultimate song! We’ve all heard it. It definitely gives a bit of a Galentines mood as well as a romantic vibe. It’s just a feel good song.

Thinking about you; I can’t be the only one that constantly thinks about this song. It is Poetry. Also, Frank Ocean lives in my head rent free.

Into you; A woman confessing her love in such a sweet way. The melody plus her voice makes me want to tell someone’s son I’m so into them. This is the version with Fabolous, I think he adds that extra zest to the song, makes you want to go on vacation with your significant other & be all about them.

I want to be your man; This song reminds me of the movie, Love and basketball. It came out the year I was born but I love it so much. An old classic. It’s slow and sweet, and gets the mood right for a romantic date night. It’s a good song to play if you’re trying to make it official with a babe 🙊😅.

Lets Stay Together; Such a sweet and romantic song. Many people might know its a cover of Al Green’s version from the 70s but this is funkier, more rugged. I chose this song because its a classic.

So Beautiful; If you know me you’ll know, after Brandy & Usher comes Musiq Soulchild. He’s a musical genius with such a soulful voice and this song will make any woman feel beautiful, loved and seen. Very intentional and I love that.

Cater 2 U;  If you didn’t pretend to sing the lyrics to this song as a child then you’re too young to be reading this. Kelly’s part was my favorite! This is for the Ladies who want to cater to their men and SPIN HIM finish. Take care of that man sis (if he’s deserving hehe).

In love with you; To be honest, I just love this song. It’s so sweet, so pure. I want to burn incense, create positive vibes with whoever or for whatever I love.

Untitled(how does it feel); 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️ Men shouldn’t play it if they’re not going to remove their shirt that’s all I’ll say.

Don’t walk away; I don’t know why I like this song, we’ve all heard it so much and maybe possibly changed the radio station. But it’s a sweet upbeat vibe. I like upbeat love songs because I don’t always listen to lyrics.. so most times they make me feel empowered rather than emotional and over sappy. 🥂

Adorn; 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s a sweet/sexy song. Romantic but with vim and intent! We love to see it

Put that on everything; I just love Brandy and I couldn’t leave her out 🥺 she has some love songs that will leave us crying so I decided not to go down that deep deep route lol! Even this song has its moments but reason I chose this was because of this “if you’re looking to find a love that will stand the end of time, baby relax your mind, my love is here” anyway Brandy is superhuman, her poetry aside, the way she layers her harmonies? Insane.

If I ain’t got you; Omo ngl, I just heard this song again recently and fell in love with it. Never used to like it. 

The sweetest taboo; I love love Sade. If you’re looking for sensual and smooth, this is it tbh. Classic by a legend.

Naughty Girl; 🌚🌚🌚 Beyonzzzz! She is constantly leaking sex appeal. She’s always giving us innuendos and sexual vibes. As much as this is a sexy song and can be for lovers doing what they do, it’s also a girls girl song! For the ladies. Buy that lingerie, wear it at home..because covik 19, pour a glass of wine and enjoy your own company sis.

Sexual healing; Side note: Marvin Gaye was a 10. Lool He was old school handsome. The BDE he exudes in this song is why he’ll always make any and every list I have 😂

How do I say;  USHER RAYMOND, yes I will marry you. I say yes every week. This song just reminds me of a very classy and well thought out night with a new, gorgeous interest. A man that just knows what to say/do and holds you in the right way.

Superstar; To be honest, I could’ve created this entire playlist with just Usher songs. This song makes you feel special. Like a one in a million woman type of song. Like you’re the only girl he sees, will see. “I’ll be your groupie baby, cus you are my superstar” imagine a man being that obsessed with you 🥺. Yeah I can’t either but still 😂❤️❤️

PYT;  I miss MJ so much! Am I the only one? Chose this because it’s such a feel good song, with good vibes! Makes the women feel beautiful and wanted. Also think it gets the people going! Gets the lads in a feel good mood, everybody’s happy 🥰

Betty Godson
Betty Godson