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RadrEssentials vol. 29: Dunnie, Gyakie, Ria Sean And More

August is solidly here and the summer is winding down. But you know who isn’t winding down? All these artistes dripping bops for listeners left and right. Here is the Radr team’s round up of the hottest freshest music that dropped over the past week.

Fashion Killer- Arya Starr

Arya Starr is 19, Dangerous and is not afraid to show it. This is one of the fan faves off her latest project, 19 & Dangerous. On this song she sings about killing the game both talent wise and looking dressed to the nines while doing it.

Need Me- Gyakie

Ghanaian sensation, Gyakie delivers the softest vocals on this track as she sings about being hopelessly in love. She wants her love interest to need her and she tells him as much in her crisp vocals. 

Wonder- Dremo ft Paroranking

Dremo and Patoranking are industry faves and show off their lyrical skill on this track that takes a didactic look at society. While there are some hilarious bars thrown in there, the track does ask deeper questions about haters, war, peace and greed

Reserve- TMM & Dice Ailes

On reserve, Dice Ailes sings about having the good things in his life en excess on this catchy tune with its energetic beat.

Concur- Vader

Vader is clearly having a ton of fun creating his recent projects. This excitement is contagious especially on this super catchy track, listeners will find themselves changing the chorus before they know it.

Money Bag- Ria Sean

Ria Sean is hypnotizing her listeners with her smooth as silk vocals. On this track she sings about being shiny like diamonds while being a money bag because that’s what she’s chasing. Listeners will love the lo-fi meets high hat energy the beat of this song has.

Mosafejo- Dunnie

A very energetic afrobeats song complete with high energy drums and an upbeat tune. Since her last project, Dunnie has not dropped the ball on her vocals as she belts out smooth Ypruba lyrics on this track that will have listeners on the dancefloor quick. 

Wicked- Straffitti

Straffitti is very emotionally candid on this track. He sings that he’s no longer interested in chasing his love interest because she’s wicked. The catchy tune of this track is golden with his bocals thrown into the mix.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson