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RADRPlus: LOTI – The Odyssey Interview

Loti is releasing his first-ever project Odyssey The EP dedicated to everyone who rode along with him on his musical journey on his trip so far. He talks about his tape , love and the impact of the internet today on his music


You have a new tape coming out in a few days titled Odyssey. What’s the message you’re trying to pass across with the tape? What vibes would you want this project to give off?

Odyssey has 8 songs with entirely different messages. It’s a whole story and the different tracks are chapters. I’d love to give more information on the tape but I wouldn’t want to be such a spoiler. Odyssey has a lot of melodic songs, so it’s a calm, relaxing vibe all through.

What collaborations can we expect from the mixtape? Who are the producers and guest features we should hope to see on the project?

There’s only one guest feature on the tape and it’s from an amazing artist, Mayowa, he shouldn’t be slept on at all, the first song on Odyssey would show you just a tip of his genius. For the production, I worked with Baron, Hify and Ocho, Baron especially though.

What was the experience like creating this project? How long did it take to put this tape together?

It was fun creating this EP but it wasn’t easy at all. I let every day for the 3 months it took to make it influence me, lyrics-wise and sound-wise and each experience in those 3 months, I conveyed in those 8 songs.

We’ve, over time, seen your present affiliations with Magic Records. Can you describe the role of the label, if any, in the creation and distribution of the tape?

Magic Records is more of a movement than just a record label. It is a group of young artists coming together to help one another basically. They were there for me both emotionally and financially, forever grateful.

You have a new track out called “Raging” with Coz Black and Magna16bars. How did that come through?

Raging isn’t my song, neither is it for Magna or Coz. It is for “The Buddha”, a fashion line owned by my man Manny. Basically, he needed an anthem for his movement and he called up on his favourite upcoming acts I guess. You should cop a Buddha tee though.

How much excited are you that this tape is finally coming through? What do you hope to achieve with the release of this project?

I’m really excited to be honest. I’d been planning on making a tape for over two years, my close friend could affirm that, so it’s a big deal for me. I just really want to get heard and seen for the type of artist I am.

Do you like love? What’s more important than love in this world? Do you think love makes the world go round?

Yeah, I love love. It makes people happy, so I feel it should be spread round.

Do you think the internet has helped you to get your music out more? Do you feel like the internet has done more harm than good among African youths and young people around the world?

The internet has done way more good than harm. If not for the internet, we won’t be having this interview, streaming sites won’t even have existed, so I’m really glad for it. Everything has its pros and cons though but it definitely has more advantages than disadvantages.

Odyssey is going to be your first official music project released? How do you intend to get your rewards from this project? Do you like the money or you’re doing this to satisfy your passion for music right now? Do you think money is the right way to measure your progress at this point?

Yes, Odyssey is my first ever project out. Right now, I’m not really concentrated on the money aspect of the art, just trying to prove that I’m worth the time to be listened to but I’d appreciate any donations. Support the hustle. Money shouldn’t be used as a measure of growth, rather the number of lives touched with what you love to do.

What’s the future like for Loti?

It’s a very cliché saying but only time would tell.

Loti releases his new tape Odyssey on the 25th of October . Follow him on Soundcloud to hear this tape first

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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