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Sounds of the Summer: 9 Afrobeat bops you should be listening to

Summer-themed parties are one of the most exciting events to look forward to this season. And what is a party without great music? Summer anthems have a certain “Je ne se quoi” that can turn an uninterested crowd into a cheery, excited one. 

A good summer anthem must have two key ingredients – a strong message and dope bars. The vibe must be lit, it must be able to elicit that aura of ease and enjoyment. Most importantly, it must be a party bop. Thankfully, Afro-beat artistes always understand the assignment when it comes to giving us songs to take us through summer every year.

As usual, these artists have put so much into the substance and delivery of these songs. Whether it’s about heartbreak, love, money, or enjoyment, these songs stay true to their carefree, fun vibe. 

Here are the outstanding sounds this summer that are getting us in the groove.

Last Last – Burna Boy

If there’s anything Damini Ogulu knows, it’s how to create a formidable, chart-topping anthem. The Grammy-award winner released this single off his new album Love Damini ‌in May 2022. The heart-break number addresses Burna Boy’s ex-lover and prepares us for when love goes sour. Good thing is even if your summer love doesn’t last, you can at least have a great time dancing to this song!

Nkao Temple – Ch’cco, Mellow & Sleazy

They say good music is timeless and Nkao Temple is quite an example. Almost a whole year after its original release, the South-African chart-topper has made a fantastic comeback. If you’re a fan of Tik Tok challenges, this one’s for you! 

Sungba remix – Asake & Burnaboy 

When one of Nigeria’s hottest new school artists teamed up with an Afrobeats Giant, the expectations were so high. But the Sungba remix exceeded all expectations and set a new bar for collabs in the African music scene. Four months later, the replay value of this track has proven to be golden, and it’ll remain a bop anytime, anywhere. 

Girlfriend – Ruger

Ruger’s music appeals to soft, summer-ready babes who want to have an enjoyable, exciting time and have zero worries. The track explores sensuality, with a smooth and steady tempo. I think it’s the perfect poster song for summer entanglements too.

Watawi- Ckay, Davido, Focalistic and Abidoza

 The first time I listened to this track, I Imagined it busting through the speakers at one of those beachfront summer parties. WATAWI is what happens when the top African artists collaborate and fuse all of their creative energy into one project. From the very first beat to the last note, this tune is a masterpiece. From the heavy Amapiano beat to the performance and delivery, the vibe check on this song is a 10. 

Palazzo – DJ Spinall and Asake

Asake has taken no prisoners since his EP shook the Nigerian music scene in February 2022. This time, he collaborated with DJ Spinall, who also co-produced the track and it’s a certified summer tune. This summer, there’s barely anywhere you won’t hear Asake, and that’s his power! 

Abo Mvelo- Daliwonga, Mellow & Sleazy and MJ

At this point, Amapiano can just take the cake as the official sound of the season! From Tiktok videos to nightclubs, this song is a playlist staple and it’s so easy to fall in love with it. I find the depth of this song quite fascinating, so if you’re big on a mix of house/jazz then you’ll enjoy this one.

Buga (Lo lo lo) – Kizz Daniel and Tekno

It’s no news that Kizz Daniel never misses, but this collaboration with Tekno is absolutely iconic. Ever since its release in May 2022, the song has topped several charts and kicked off a viral Tik Tok challenge. But most importantly, it will go down in history as the official “Nigerian Auntie Anthem.” 

Big Energy- LADIPOE

No matter the crowd, where, and when, Ladipoe’s Big energy will get people up, vibing and singing along. In true summer fashion, this song is perfect, has great lyrics and a sing-along chorus. The beat is smooth, and delivery is seamless, in classic Ladipoe style. 

A dope summer must be heavy on music, fashion and activities. So, if you’re looking to have a splendid summer, you need a soundtrack that fits the vibe, and these songs do exactly that. 

Jacqueline Alabi
Jacqueline Alabi
Jacqueline Alabi is a Nigerian content writer and storyteller, passionate about amplifying stories about the African creative industry. Outside work, Jacqueline's favorite pastime is watching rom-coms and pretending to be the main character in them. A true Gen-Z babe, she believes that soft work will always be greater than hard work, so she balances both.