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Yazzavelli Returns From Her Hiatus with “Kpoli Police” ft Dopeman Twizzy

Yazzavelli is a Nigerian rapper, musician, songwriter, and all-around performer. She is recognized for her verbal frivolity, self-assurance, uninhibited lyrics, bars, and even her approach to life. 

Yazzavelli is a person who tends to go against the grain, therefore her music is a direct outcome of who she is. “Life is truly about doing what you want and when you do that you offend a lot of people,” she opines, “but it’s also about choosing yourself.” Her goal is for each listener to discover an extension of their personality in her music.

Her latest single Kpoli Police which features Dopeman Twizzy is no exception, as it is one of her many experiences turned into a song. Kpoli Police speaks to happenings that many listeners will relate to personally. Yazzavelli delivers humorous, relatable lyrics on this catchy, upbeat tune. 

With the release of her five-track debut EP, Velli, in 2020, Yazzavelli has improved both in her songwriting technique and her successful navigation of the music industry. She has continued to create dynamic music that keeps her fan base engaged and growing. In 2021 she released Velli 2, the second entry in the Velli series, a four-track EP; it was her subsequent body of work and featured Ozbeazy. 

Fans should anticipate a project from her this summer with all female features such as Moonseeka, Majesty Lynn, among others. 

She is developing as an artist and attempting new sounds and styles. There are so many things to anticipate now that… 


On the 28th of March Yazzavelli dropped the first single off an all-female 4 single compilation that is scheduled to be released this summer. 

Nothing is more annoying than being the next in the rotation and having the person before you start telling you a story inexplicably forgetting that everyone else is waiting. Most smokers can relate to this experience, which is essentially what Kpoli Police is about. It depicts the mood and the atmosphere of the room in that scenario. 

The song, a remake of Bulletproof Skin by Busta Rhymes and Skillibeng; in terms of production, features Dopeman Twizzy, who was previously featured in her song Lizzo. 

The song was released under Velli Records. 

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