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 After two gratifying projects, the latest offering from Abuja-based artist Jess ETA , folds a range of sounds into a dose of Afro R&B sound beds. He focused the better part of his 2021 on creating the project. He was at a time when he compared his discipline to his desires.

Here he dives into introspecting as he questions his existing version and who he wants to be.  He replaces woeful soul-searching with upbeat fantasy- creatively searching for a way out creating a plethora of sonically active palates. This album serves as a perfect introduction of Jess ETA to the world.

His previously released single “Paralysed” featuring Psycho YP gave a sneak peek of the romantic direction the project will take.

 The 11-track project features already released tracks including the critically acclaimed “Body On Fire” with stellar appearances from BNXN fka Buju and Inci. While it packs euphoric bursts, numbers such as “Neon” featuring Frya move into the serene valley as they blow up their sonic template. Jess ETA’s production has evolved into a spicy back and forth. This debut project takes the key to highlight the spicy essence of sound he has taken time to fine-tune.

“Playing With Fire” contains star appearances from Azanti, BNXN fka Buju, and Psycho YP just to mention. It has been produced by Benjamz(produced Burna Boy’s African Giant and Gum Body) and Christer( produced Blxckie’s album B4 Now). His shadowy album cover reflects our consciousness as we try to find ourselves as we traverse through life. Jess ETA is aiming for redemption amid all the soul searching.

Listen to a preview of “Playing With Fire” here:

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite