Here’s why the foundation “like skin” routine is good for you.

The over-exaggerated pointed nose, foundation layers so thick you can scoop a layer to prepare another face💔; photo-worthy but physically destabilizing. This is why makeup is widely referred to as a mask, I mean, we got so many people looking casket ready, it’s painful to think that was once our definition of beauty🥀, thank the universe for evolution!

Blessings be unto the various beauty brands of colour that have been able to successfully change the narrative by introducing various shades to suit the complexion of the black race 💪🏿🙏.
Many things run through my mind when I see a caked face… like, what’s the skin beneath like? Why the coke and Fanta effect?
Anyway, back to the reason we gathered here,
here’s why the foundation like skin routine is good for you:

It’s healthy and less stressful: Imagine all that time and product spent on beating a face, now cut that into half or a quarter, sounds great right? 🥰 You don’t need to finish half the bottle of foundation to get the perfect skin finish. This technique promotes healthy skin.
This is why quality products work best; these products are light weight, with appropriate coverage; a little amount would definitely go a long way and that permits the skin to breathe better.
Also, consider freckles, birthmarks, and scars (tribal marks). These don’t necessarily disappear or flatten out when a ridiculous amount of foundation is applied. Although concealers help hide these things in camera, they do not eliminate them completely. This is why in the first place, skin health is important; before good makeup comes great skin. In fact, scars, protruding beauty marks, and the likes are the best part of you so embrace that.

Our weather 🥵: Africa’s known climate is hot. Ah! You don’t want to be the embodiment of a hot mess! May we not be unfortunate on that long-awaited date at the beach.
Considering our weather, it’s best to have minimal makeup on so even after rounds of sweat, the skin work is still intact, or at least savable.
Applying heavy layers of products makes it easy for the makeup to crack or separate in patches. Breathable primers, lightweight powders, and lightweight foundations are a great option in this situation. These suit our weather better as they blend into the skin and are easier to fix when smudged.

It’s easier to retouch: less is more. Having on a thin layer of foundation, powder, and other necessities make it easier to retouch when needed. The more you stack on products that discourage breathable skin, the greater your chances of irritation. Avoid this by using minimal products at the start.

All said, this post COVID era, give your life to the breathable skin routine, repent from the abuse of products, and let your skin breathe.