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Amaarae Release Ladies Anthem of The Summer, ‘Fancy’

Still fresh off the success of her last single, “Leave Me Alone”, Amaarae drops yet another stunning release in anticipation for her forthcoming EP, Angel You Don’t Know with Fancy. The Ghanaian-American artist has been capturing the hearts of thousands across Africa since 2017. 

The release of her first project Passionfruit Summers back in 2017 gave birth to the sound that would later emerge into the Amaarae fans love today. The Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer has established herself as an exceptional and wholly unique force in an ever-changing musical landscape. She has worked with huge names in the African Music industry including Wande Coal, ShowDemCamp, CruelSantino, and others.

Amaarae brings this immense well of talent to her latest single, Fancy. The song carries her signature whisper vocals, with sensual and catchy lyrics.

Speaking on ​‘Fancy’​, ​Amaarae states:

​”Fancy is a bad bitch record! Big love to KZ, who produced and co-wrote this record. When he first presented it to me – he was like this is the shit women need to hear from you and he was absolutely right! It’s that joint that you put on when you’re getting ready to go out, when you’re getting ready to ace that exam, to ask for that promotion, do that job interview, go on that date that you know you are about to dress to kill for! It’s for the BOSS BITCHES. I want every single human to put on this record and just allow it to make them feel incredible and powerful when they listen to it because that’s how it makes me feel. I dance to it alone in my room, when I bought a new whip, it was the first song I played on my way home from the dealership. It’s a very special one to me and I want it to be special to my fans too.”

On her inspiration for her forthcoming EP ​‘The Angel You Don’t Know’:​ ​“Working on this project, I felt like I was finally coming into my own and saying what I wanted to say as an artist. This is the new version of me. This is where my journey as an artist is really starting, everything prior to this was me searching for myself, it was the growing pains.”

In comparison to “Leave Me Alone”, Amaarae’s second offering, “Fancy” races to the other end of the spectrum; accentuated drum patterns that swing hard with a trap twist reveal the other side to Amaarae: A boundless love for Southern bounce. Fancy hangs on a loose string; it meanders between sing-songy rap, shoegazing emo, and straight ahead trap – if these three forms hung out at a high-end fashion joint uptown they’d be the gnarliest kids in the building. Fancy is a certified banger -It’s rich and flavorful style, a testament to Amaarae’s outstanding abilities as a songwriter.

The accompanying visuals for Fancy are heavy with African goth aesthetics, bright neon colors and that special alté sauce. The outfits featured in the visuals were unique with Amaarae sporting spikes and cowries on her dark dress. Meanwhile the rest of the women in the video sported neon wigs, bright makeup looks, and clothes. The constant shift between psychedelic neon colors and the muted goth aesthetics lends credence to this being the ultimate bad bitch anthem.

You can listen to Amaarae’s new song, Fancy here:

PHOTOGRAPHY – Yussif Al Jabaar
CREATIVE DIRECTION – Yussif Al Jabaar & Amaarae
MAKE – UP – Bibii Jones
PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT- Emmanuel Duah & Esther Bilson

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