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RADR’s favorite looks from Lagos fashion week 2022 day 3

On day 3 of Lagos fashion week 2022, 23 designers showcased their collections. 

We saw all 10 finalists of the green access designers showcase their mini-collections. Austrian Lace showcased their rich collection and presented it with a lovely performance by violinists and violists.

We witnessed Abigail Ajobi’s collection as she presented her parent’s love as an inspiration. 

Orire played a poem as their looks strut the runway. Ugo Monye presented looks with masks and monochrome outfits. Sheer was everything for Odiomimonet, and Babayo fused Fulani art, embroidery, and Aso-oke together. 

Lush hair gave us hair innovation. Maxhosa let us into a world of stripes, and Eki Silk showed us the versatility of silk in different colors.

Craftsmanship, technique, textiles, and colors shone on the runway. So we want to share our favorites from the Lagos fashion week 2022 day 3 with you.

Photography credit – insignaonline

Take a look at our favorites looks from day 1 and day 2 of Lagos fashion week 2022.

Austrian Lace 

The collection consisted of 20 looks each using lace as their primary material. They came in different forms, cuts, shapes, prints, and colors. These were embodied with bold designs, intricate cuts, and breathtaking embroidery. 

Abigail Ajobi 

Ajobi’s collection was inspired by the love between her parents. It featured its take on luxury streetwear and contemporary fashion with t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim pants and gowns. Together with cargo pants, puff jackets, and its own branded socks. A signature print was also incorporated. 

Lush hair

The hair extension brand featured mainly pink looks (the brand’s color) with jaw-dropping hairstyles. These ranged from intricate and constructive circles to big hair moments, 6 feet long braids, and an array of colors.


The brand presented a streetwear collection incorporating knits into several patterns and vibrant colors with several motifs. In addition to that, the brand used accessories such as visors, bags, and headpieces, all celebrating the Xhosa people. 

Eki Silk 

This collection showed just how versatile silk can be outside accessories or night wear. It featured vibrant prints and incorporated denim into coats, gowns, jumpers, and tops. We saw the fluidity of the material and how it accentuates the body.

Cynthia Abila 

Cynthia Abila’s collection began with a distinctive look made of straw and beads that were intricately hand-crafted. The rest of the looks featured vibrant colors, stripes, plaid, and straw. One look at the daring cuts and patterns and you can see there’s an unmissable nod to culture. As well as fine techniques, and an interpretation of the modern world.

Awa Meite 

For Awa Meite, tie-dye, weaves, rafia and Aso-Oke prevailed on the runway. These were incorporated with modern cuts and designs and paid tribute to traditional techniques.

Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba