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RADR’s favorite looks from Lagos fashion week 2022 day 2

Flowing silhouettes and drapes, bold and pastel colors, plaid and prints. Knitted and dyed fabrics, frills and triangular origami pleats. Colorful accessories and so much more filled the runways on day 2 of the Lagos fashion week 2022. 

There was a lot of inspiring fashion we took in. So we’re sharing our favorite looks from the Lagos fashion week day 2 with you.

Photography credit – insignaonline

Duaba Serwa

The collection featured looks with a trademark triangle origami pleat. These pleats were used in making well-fitted skirts paired with corsets, puff-sleeved tie-dyed blouses, and mesh tops. They were also used in tops, one paired with a flowing skirt and another with a corseted bohemian-style skirt. 

They also incorporated tie-dye and batik techniques.


The brand showcased their debut collection and named it ‘IBERU’. The inspiration was to examine fears and turn them into designs. One of the fears, tropophobia, the fear of making changes, was explored and interpreted using drapings. Another is Aquaphobia, explored using silks and their fluidity. The collection featured the branded vest, a branded person-sized bag, and coded and water print designs. Additionally, frills, sheer lace, a long black puff coat paired with a face cap, and mesh.


The collection incorporated bold colors, bold prints, well-constructed and striking silhouettes. Some of our favorites were the layered petticoat gowns. As well as a print of the designer’s mother as a tribute. 


The Ezokhetho collection included a bold print that was used all through the looks in statement gowns and sculptural silhouettes. They were made with exaggerated sleeves paired with fez hats and pink boots or platform slippers.


As the name of the brand implies, the collection featured an array of prints. They were in bold neon colors and black and white. The styles and accessories incorporated include asymmetry, sailor-like dresses, cowboy hats, sailor caps, and big front pouches attached to outfits.

Rick Dusi

The collection was completely cohesive exploring plaid prints used to make blazers and pants. Coupled with triangular broad-shoulder dresses, cut-out dresses, blazers made in metallic bronze, blue and silver colors with brown. 

Elie Kuame 

The collection titled ‘this is couture’ came with stunning statement pieces in different prints. It featured a red dress with full pleats and sheer at the middle, broad puff shoulders, asymmetrical silhouettes, long coats, and ruched fabrics. As well as handmade meticulous embroidery, and a closing red dress that seemed like a floaty with embroidery dropping from it. 

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Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba