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Alton Mason releases Stunning visuals for “Rise In Light”

“Rise in Light” is a movement created by the youth to inspire and ignite the future leaders of our world.”

Rising star and international supermodel Alton Mason has just released his breath-taking visuals for “Rise in Light”. Directed and co-written by Nigerian-American filmmaker Amarachi Nwosu
and filmed by Persian-Canadian visual artist and cinematographer Soofi Shaheen (better known
as Soof Light), the coming-of-age short film features the star in the heart of Africa in Lagos,
Nigeria with the visuals serving as an introduction to Alton’s debut single “Gimme, Gimme”.

The story sees Alton express himself through interpretive dance, alongside Nigeria’s youth, and loving interactions with lion cub Kovu. These elements are all used to express Alton’s reverence through reflection, understanding, and draws immense attention to his connection to the people,
the water, and land. The film references overcoming fear through “rising in the light” that lays within us, and in many ways, Alton is reconnecting to the Motherland, using it as a vessel to overcome his fears and walk in his purpose.

Over the weekend, the launched the social impact campaign aptly named “Rise In Light”, this collaborative project with Alton Mason and Melanin Unscripted, an international media platform and creative agency aimed to connect for a common goal: to invest in the next generation of youth in Nigeria, the light-bearers of the future. This #RiseInLight social impact campaign signifies a
collective effort to embrace the light present within each of us, guiding us forward in the midst of our darkest hour.

Following the campaign’s debut this weekend with a premiere on Vogue Magazine & Dazed Digital,
we were able to raise and exceed the $10,000 USD goal, all of which will go toward sending relief
supplies to over 300 families in Lagos, Nigeria’s most vulnerable communities who have been
affected by COVID-19. In building our global community, we launched a video collaborative video
which includes influencers and names like Joan Smalls, Storm Reid, Temi
Otedola, WurlD, and Winnie Harlow and Iddris Sandu.

This crowdfunding initiative will go entirely to support the Khan Foundation, a well-established
Lagos- based non-profit, contributing to their ongoing effort of securing food and basic necessities for households facing the loss of income and school closures. These contributions will lend a hand to parents and assist their children as they work together to maintain a healthy environment under quarantine. The mere privilege of the practice of quarantine is often overlooked despite its extreme additional challenges in underprivileged communities.

“Rise In Light” is a message for us all, and aims to inspire hope for a better future, and faith
in our ability to build that future together.

Directed by: @amaraworldwide & @sooflight
Filmed in: @sooflight
Written by: @altonmason & @amaraworldwide
Produced by: @nnennaanyaugo & @ugomozie
Stylist: @ugomozie
Dancers: DayoursDanceCrew
Editor: @sooflight
Production Company: @melaninunscripted
Executive Producer: @altonmason

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin