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Atere Feyisola: Expressing creativity through unique African hairstyles

Fèyíṣọlá is a vibrant young lady who believes in working in a smart and creative way to achieve her goals while impacting others. She’s a Linguist, a translator, and most importantly the lead hairstylist of slimmieahair.

Creative expression can take many forms, what made you decide to be a hairstylist?

It actually came naturally to me. I realized I could make hair when I was younger and used to practice different hairstyles on my friends.

While I was for admission into the university, I discovered I couldn’t cope with unproductiveness. Fortunately, my sisters enrolled me in a Salon where I gained more knowledge on what I already love doing. 

Gaining admission into university further gave me reasons to be a hairstylist. Aside from wanting to take care of myself financially, I love making beautiful hairstyles for people. It makes me happy. This is my passion.

What is your favorite hairstyle to design?

My favorite category of hairstyle is editorial looks because they challenge me. I’m ready to take one up anytime, especially hairstyles I’m trying for the first time. 

What is your no 1 hair care advice?

Let your hair breathe. 

Healthy hair needs air. Most times, just washing your hair and doing some protective hairstyle is all it needs.

You’re required to create a look with just 3 products. What are you using?

I’m creating a simple look using a hair straightener by mega growth, braid gel by shine and jam, and my mousse from ultra shine, or my blasting spray gel by got2b.

What is the most hilarious experience you’ve had with a client or on set?

In my line of work, hilarious experiences are the order of the day.

One day on set, we were about wrapping up for the day, when one of the actors I styled asked me to take out the hairstyle he had on. 

I told him to give me a minute to confirm if he’d still need to wear the style for the next day. It was already midnight and he was scheduled to be on set at 9 am later in the day. 

He started grumbling and complained to the director who pleaded with me to take the style out and re-make it in the morning. Even though that was more trouble, I agreed. 

When I got back to the client to loosen the hair, he created a scene, telling me how disrespectful and unprofessional I’ve been. I tried to explain the whole situation to him but he just kept yelling louder. 

The whole thing got me laughing because I didn’t understand what prompted the drama.

 At the end of the day, the situation was contained and everyone was happy or at least,  satisfied to an extent.

Since my job is serviced-based, I get to see people express themselves in unexpected ways. This teaches me to brace myself for any reaction from individuals in general.