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Daniella Almona: Highlighting Blackness in all Forms Through Photography

Daniella Almona is a film and digital photographer born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She lives between South Africa and Georgia, USA, and has spent the past five years capturing portraits and fashion stills from different cultures and backgrounds. As a black woman, her work highlights blackness in all forms, and I am passionate about telling stories through my work.

What is your favorite subject to work with?

I absolutely love photographing people.

Portrait and fashion photography are my favorite styles. I get to use the faces and bodies of my subjects, coupled with contrasting or complementing elements, to emphasize the beauty in raw emotion. I love creating a space for viewers to interact with the subject on an intimate level.

What is your worst subject to shoot?

My least favorite subject is definitely food. It is such a delicate medium and it takes a certain level of patience that one has to be born with.

I think food photographs are beautiful when done right.

What is the most ridiculous thing that has happened to you on set?

Sometimes when I take a great shot and it comes up on screen, I let out a scream. This startles my models and then we start laughing together. I think it’s funny but the model also becomes comfortable and confident from there onwards.

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Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje