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Of Culture and Textures

In this photo set, African Queen meets gold and brown skin in this exploration of modern African design. African Culture motifs and the beautiful different hair textures that exist in blackness add a layer of beauty to this set.

The photographer highlights the golden undertones in the models’ skin. They all look like they were bathed in gold.

”I really wanted to merge African designs with a narrative that isn’t the stereotypical “African Queen” images that we see. So something slightly modern and forward, but more portrait-ish. Think Monalisa and stuff.”

This sentiment shines through in the photos with the use of bold prints, regal poses and elaborate hairdos.

‪Photography: @tosin.akinyemiju

Models: @nimah_21 @ifbnw

‪Styling: @badefuwa

‪Make-up: @osan_by_misan‬

‪Photo Retouch: @noir_retouch

Colour: @tosin.akinyemiju

Hair: @highdtosin

Pieces from @adebakarecouture & @irawostudio

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson