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Fiyin Koko: Capturing the Unerring Beauty of the Black Woman

Fiyin Koko is a Nigerian figurative artist and illustrator. She was introduced to art at a young age by watching her mother paint. This impelled her innate artistic talent to become a self-taught artist.

Her work is inspired by all facets of womanism and encapsulates the unerring beauty of the Black Woman

How would you define your style of art?

I would say whimsy. There’s a fantasy element in my portrayal of black women. 

What fascinates you currently and how does it bleed into your work?

Movement. How the bearings of the female body move in such a beautiful way.

Conversations and communication as well. How we as humans are really who we are because of the words and actions we share. I think that’s taken for granted a lot. Communication is really important – From conversations with our family to our friends and most of all, the conversations with and within ourselves. 

What is your favorite subject to capture?

Black women just existing. Not being burdened by duties or activities society confines to them.

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Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje