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Radr Essentials vol. 14; Asake, Sirbastien, J.M. Coetzee And More

The month is fast wrapping up and we are excited at the sheer volume of good art being churned out every week. Today the team is bringing you vibes freshly cooked over the past week including new tracks, a must see documentary and books to tide you over till nextweek! 


Mercedes Benz- Sirbastien & Zen

Sirbastien and Zen are channeling high vibration indie energy on this track. Its sharp drums, slow paced lyrics interspersed with laid back rap verses are perfect together and make a relaxing listen.

Yoga- Tay Iwar ft Asa

Tay Iwar is a master of his sound as he effortlessly weaves it into the deep melodies of Asa’s voice. This soft, gentle track will relax any listener vibing to this track. 

Don’t Hype Me- Asake

The beginning of this afrobeats dance jam starts off with many different interludes so much so that when the song finally goes in the afrobeats direction, the listener is left a little surprised. But it’s a nice surprise, the energetic hook and its segway into the ecstatic drums makes for an immersive experience.

Afrikan Star- Sauti Sol ft Burna Boy

The two of largest voices on the continent come together on this beautiful track. This song celebrates the African woman and her beauty as well as the hold she has over the artistes.


Awon Boyz

This highly insightful documentary looking into the lives of agberos libing in Lagos. It shoes us facets of these people we either don’t see or willfully ignore. It’s available on netflix but you can watch a snippet here


Season of Crimson Blossoms- Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

A powerful debut by Abubakar Ibrahim, its set on the outskirts of Abuja, Nigeria where a widow in her fifties starts an illicit affair with a young drug dealer and gand leader. A rollercoaster of a read that encapsulates grief, parental warmth and the need to be understood by another.

Disgrace- J. M. Coetzee

This book follows the life of a South African lecturer who suffers from ennui. Thia causes him to act recklessly and violently in order to relieve his boredom. The story is full of the tug of war of good and evil within a person as well as a haphazard walk towards redemption.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson