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Kizz Ernie talks Self Expression with Music

Kizz Ernie is a musical stampede that is gradually increasing its force in the Nigerian music industry. The talented artist is not only a performing and recording artist, he is also a record producer. In this interview, he talks about his growth, creative process, and plans for performance after the pandemic.

What inspired you to start a musical career? 

I’ve always been musically talented from time. I started playing the piano at 5, so it’s always really been in me, but taking it up as a career officially was inspired by the happenings around me at that point in my life; music was the only form of self-expression I could relate to.  It took a lot of self-discipline to decide to make music and stay focused. 

Tell us about your musical creation process?

I’m a producer as well and most of the time for me it starts with the beat creation, then I start freestyling to the beat I’m making, so as I’m making the beat I’m also picking out melodies for the vocals as well. Then I start writing, I start filling up the melodies with words. I never really know what a song is going to be about, I just go with how I’m feeling then the lyrics start flowing. Also, about 80% of my songs were created and recorded in the middle of the night, so if you’re not a nightwalker you’d probably not see me make music, and I make beats and record in my room sometimes while I’m in bed, it’s crazy. I just like to feel relaxed, no pressure, and just allow it to flow through. 

What inspired your last project ”23/For Days”? 

The double single 23 & for days is a very beautiful project, first of all, loved every bit of the creative process. I recorded 23 a month before my 23rd birthday, it was meant to drop on my birthday, hence the title “23”, I was at a point in my life where I was just chilling you know, that’s the song basically, “Flex”, life’s good. one of my listeners said I should have named the project “Grind and Flex” because on “for days”I was talking about the hustle and how far I’ve come ”never had it easy so you know I had to grind for this , ten toes on the ground for days “ 

 It wasn’t all rosy for me starting up , so I had to put it in a song, shout out to Trill Xoe for the beat. Like I said music has been my major form of self expression, 23 on the other hand just talks about my life right now, I’m chilling “vvs up on my neck , pocket swollen like a nigga got a Cheque” that’s what’s up (haha).  Linked with my bros David Meli and Laime on that record  and they both killed it, it’s just bliss working with people on the same wavelength, you get me?

I definitely feel that!I If you were a musical instrument which would you be and why?

I’d be a piano , because that was the first instrument i learnt how to play , and I feel like if you can play the piano you can play every other instrument 

What is your favorite project by you to perform? 

Hmmm , can’t lie I really don’t know at this point , I’m really looking forward to my next performance, due to the pandemic I haven’t actually been able to perform most of my new records and it’s annoying. , so I’m looking forward to performing “talk” , “23 & For Days” , “Kiyagi Ep” as well , asides these new songs , Jeje featuring Dapo Tuburna is one of my favorite records to perform , love the energy I get whenever I’m performing that record . 

Has the pandemic had any effect on the way you make music at all? 

Yeah like I said earlier, I haven’t done a performance in over a year, due to the pandemic so definitely it has, but then I’ve used this time to study my art and get more connected to it, looking forward to the post-pandemic time though, I  really can’t wait.

The artiste is truly bursting at the seams with excitement as he releases a visual for Kizz Ernie releases calm & soothing visuals to “For Days” off the double single 23/For Days where he teams up with talented producer Trill Xoe of the 44DB Collective.  Kizz says “For Days” is all about his humble beginnings and how he’s been on his grind, from day one through the ups and downs.  You can give the video a watch here:

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson