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Radr Essentials Vol 27: Wani, Dagizah, Kida Kudz and More

July rushes to a close and just like that, the year is a little closer to ending. What does not end is the sweet melody of music as Radr brings you yet another week of banging tunes and fresh beats from Wani, Akilibi, Dagizah and more.

Times Two- WANI ft Buju

If you’re looking for a track with an addictive beat and a great hook? This is the song for you. WANI’s comeback track is not only a great listen, its also a promise of what’s to come on his forthcoming project, Lachos Vice City II

Joromi- Dagizah ft Mohbad

Dagizah and Mohbad are going to thrill the ears of listeners with this catchy love song. The artistes sing about not wanting their love interests to leave them on rolling basslines and sweet harmonizing vocals.

Joanna- KomzEE

Joanna is the one inspiring these amazing vocals in the artiste, KomzEE. He sings about wanting to spend all his money on her because she’s so interesting to him.

Problem- Kida Kudz

Kida kudz is always full of surprises and is not afraid of experimenting with his sound. On this track, Kida is a singer and a good one at tha as he sings about his love interest who is so hypnotizing he’s about to move from the UK to Benin.

Body- Terizaa

Terizaa releases an exciting sonic arrangement on her track, Thrilling listeners with her smooth beautiful vocals. Contrary to the title of the track, the song is about being deceived by a love interest. Its a sad theme but the dance vibe is strong on the track.

The Benz- 1da Banton

1da Banton is afraid to be raunchy on his music. This track about a sexual escapade in the back of his car, the rolling beats of this track will have listeners bobbing their heads.

Jealous- Alikiba ft Mayorkun

Is it even possible for Mayorkun to be on a boring song? Once listeners hear his signature ”of lay lay, of Lagos” tagline, they already know they’re in for a good time. This track is for the artiste’s love interests who are getting jealous of the attention that they, the artistes, are getting. Over beautiful vocals and a high life- esque tune, they reassure their love interests that their hearts are securely with them.

Rihanna- The Kazez

This twin duo brings the energy that is needed to be brought on this track. The artists make a direct comparison of their love interest to Rohanna and drop metaphors to the fact all through the song. The writing is clever and the base draws the listeners in, all in all an enjoyable listen.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson