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WANI Teases Forthcoming EP “Lagos Vice City II” with New Buju Feature

WANI is coming back on the music scene with full force and how else will he make sure we all know it than with a teaser from his forthcoming ep? 

Born in Washington DC and spending his childhood in Lagos, WANI is best known for his amazing ability to blur the lines between afrobeats and R&B. He melds the R&B sensibilities of his Western nationality with the captivating tunes of contemporary Nigerian music.

The Nigerian-American singer, songwriter and audio engineer, WANI, has teamed up with industry favorite, Buju, to release ‘Times Two’ ahead of his long-awaited forthcoming EP release, ‘Lagos City Vice II’.

‘Times Two’, the lead single off ‘Lagos City Vice II’, starts off with  a funky Spanish guitar riff highlighting and complementing the delectable R&B vocals of the artistes.

The singing duo share different perspectives on love, time, money and how they chose to balance it all as they continue to rise to success in the Nigerian music industry.

WANI spoke about the upcoming release and said, “It’s been a long road leading up to the release of my project Lagos City Vice II. But we’re almost at the finish line and I’m finally feeling ready. The first single of the project “Times Two” ft. Buju is the perfect vibe to kick off the summer. We’ve worked on a lot of music but this is the one track we decided to put out for the people, especially with the current climate, everything slowly opening back up again, might as well give the people something to dance to”.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson