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Radr Essentials Vol.7: Tomi Agape, Buchi Emecheta,Efe Oraka And More

Happy Women’s Month! Radr is excited to enter into the brand new month of March. This month is all about celebrating women and amplifying their voices. This week, the Radr team will be sharing music,books and a movie from their favorite women personalities from Amaarae to Zaynab Alkali.


Fancy- Amaarae

Amaarae released this track to great acclaim last year as the lead single to her last album “THE ANGEL YOU DON’T KNOW”. The singer incorporated staccato beats, crisp vocals and incredibly catchy lyrics to create this track. Amaarae only makes music for the best of the best and this track is proof.

Better- Tomi Agape

Tomi Agape opens this track with a high life sounding guitar solo and her beautiful voice. The artiste sings about her love interest and how he makes her experiences better. The star of this track is the vocals and they shine beautifully against the backdrop of the amazing instrumentals.

I Got It – Princess Mami ft PsychoYP

This artiste is surely carbing her name on the hearts of Nigerian fans. Princess Mami drops the catchiest bars on her verse andis a perfect fit for Psycho YP’s versatile sound. The song comes with a catchy hook and great beats.

Shake- Olayinka Ehi

Olayinka Ehi wants listeners to break their backs on the dance floor with this track. With heavy reggae dancehall influences, thia track had no choice but to be an instant hit with the fans.

Like Me- SGawD & Jess ETA

SGawD and Jess ETA show off their vocals and writing prowess on this ballad. The harmonies on the song are both haunting and sensual, a perfect mix for a good song.



Fifty is a movie that follows the ways its four main characters handle different midlife crises. The movie is barebones with its honesty and explores the complex emotions and scenarios in the lives of Tola, Elizabeth, Maria and Kate.


The Joys Of Motherhood- Buchi Emecheta

An established literary figure in Nigerian history, Buchi Emecheta wrote books that held up tradition to the light and criticized it. In this book, she dissects the need for a woman to be fertile and bear children in order to be valued by society. 

In this book, readers follow the sad, tragic story of Nnu-Ego and how she navigates being mother, woman and wife.

The Stillborn- Zaynab Alkali

The Stillborn is Zaynab Alkali’s first book. It follows the dreams of three Nigerian village women: Li, Awa, and Faku. All three wish to marry and each envisions her own satisfying future and are met with a stark reality. 

The Stillborn sharply criticizes the sexism of traditional Nigerian society and the lack of roots in the new, city-based culture, while at the same time it praises the strength and determination of three women who choose different paths that lead to unhappiness and must find their own ways out of it.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson