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RADRPlus: The World as Ibidunni Damilola’s Canvas

Ibidunni Damilola is a phenomenal writer and visual artist, who harnesses experiences humans can’t glue together and delightfully feeds it to them at the table. A master in his field, we were privileged to capture his stories and take a mutual walk through his mind. We delve into his art in video and filmmaking, finding out what’s behind all the impactful content he puts out, the muses behind the scenes and the future he envisions for himself. 

We would love to meet you, Ibidunni Damilola. Do tell us about yourself, please. 

Ibidunni Damilola is a freelance multidimensional creator who views the world as a canvas and every day, an adventure through which he explores his interests as a Writer and Visual Artist.

You are a writer, poet, and visual artist. Can you put a figure to your years as a creative? 

I started Writing in 2013 and I started Filmmaking in 2018 so I have been a Creator for roughly 8 years.

You’ve worked with quite a number of top and familiar brands. Describe your work process to us

My work process depends on the project I am working on and in terms of the brands I have worked with, I sometimes reach out to them and vice versa.  

We’d like to know the interplay between the big and small brands you work with. Are there specific things you look out for before working with any brand, whether big or small? 

The first thing I look out for when a company reaches out to me is their branding. I am big on branding so I like to associate myself with companies I like what they stand for and who they are.  

The Instagram captions to your works carry really impressive writing, how did writing begin for you?

Thank you for the compliment. The decision to start writing wasn’t intentional. I was studying Economics at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) at the time and I knew I wanted to do more for myself so I got myself into a lot of productive things until I met Ferdinand Adimefe who advised me to start writing at an event in 2013.

There’s a love backdrop to some of your writings, please describe the experiences that influence these? 

I am an Empirical Writer so my work is mostly based on experiences that have occurred to either me or someone I am aware of. I also invent some of the writings based on experiences circled around our humanity, and love as it is the most potent human force I have grown to appreciate.    

What’s the process behind you selecting the muses you work with? Do the ordinary stand a chance, or it’s just the professionals? 

The process of finding muses for my films is quite straightforward. I already have an idea of the type of characters I want to use for my films and I mostly work with muses that can interpret the idea I have in mind.

Acting is not a thing that readily comes to everyone. How do you manage ‘difficult’ muses? 

The nature of directing is quite fluid so it is my job to create an atmosphere where these characters can flourish. I always endeavour to remove fear from their minds and inspire their senses to own whatever role I intend them to play. 

What’s the usual inspiration behind the sceneries you go for? The choice of locations, landscapes, etc.

There is really no twist to it. Somewhere visually appealing always brings out the best in your Film or Photo. I love to explore and film at locations that will inspire my creativity and my character.

Your knowledge of good music appears to be vast, we get a glimpse of that from your videos. How do you develop your repertoire of songs? 

Haha. If I collected a dollar for the number of times I have been asked this question, I will most probably be a millionaire right now. Thank you for the compliment nonetheless. The choice of soundtracks for my films are based on my filming style and my general visual mood. I mostly shoot slow sequences so naturally, the type of sounds that appeals to me are alternative songs and instrumentals/scores. 

As much as young creatives look up to you, you must have creatives in similar and perhaps, not similar fields that you look up to. Maybe even brands. Let’s know them? 

For Writing, I am inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, Rumi, Dante, amongst others while for Filmmaking, I am inspired by the works of Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig, Jordan Peele, amongst others.

For individuals now, not brands that might want to work with you, could you describe your price brackets? (Or is that confidential?) 

This is confidential. 

Are there heights you envision for yourself that transcend your work and influences the world at large? 

I someday hope to have my screenplays produced into movies and be shown around the world. That is my biggest dream.

Find Ibidunni on Instagram @ibidunnidamilola to see his poems and videos

Tega Sakpere
Tega Sakpere

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