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Moving Parts; Truth Or Dare: A Fashion Lookbook

This photo book celebrates exaggerated poses, intense looks and fluidity of the human form. The model and pieces of visual art are equal subjects in the camera’s eye.

The photographer takes the viewer on a journey of contoured motions and close ups. The model is placed in visually illustrated  mirrors of her poses. Moving parts of the set from one place to the other adds to the feeling of motion experienced by the viewer while appreciating these photos.

in some pictures the texture of the image is altered by cellophane props with visual illustrations of a woman on it.

Though infused with high energy, the images are soft and gentle. The model’s intense gaze is a reflection of the photos.

Photography/Direction: beckxmar

Model: @kokeadile

Visual Artist: @martinahanna_

BTS: @rome_god

Clothing/Designer: @andrejrose

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson