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Efe Jazz: The Man & The Instrumentalist

Efe Jazz stands out from his peers with his deft fingers and talented ear for sound. You’ve definitely come across his magic on songs like Odunsi’s Star Signs.

Radr sat down with versatile instrumentalist Efe Jazz to talk about his work, his favorite thing about his craft, what got him into music, among others.

How are you? How are you doing? What makes a good song for you?

I’m good, I’m chilling. A good song to me is a combination of many things which include a good and consistent rhythm, nice melody and harmony and then a relevant message.

What got you into music in the first place?

It’s not exactly something I just woke up and chose, it happened gradually. While I was in school, I always played instruments and scored people’s songs. It was when I finished high school that I started playing on a professional level.

What is your favorite thing about being a Guitarist?

Its really hard to pick a specific thig I consider to be my favorite, but it brings out my creative side, because I always have to create unique guitar lines. A good example would be “Star Signs” by Odunsi the Engine.

Which of your Nigerian artiste collaborations did you enjoy working on the most?

It has to be Odunsi the Engine. Mostly because of how much I’ve learnt working with him and the chemistry.

What is the hardest thing about playing the guitar

The hardest thing about playing the guitar is definitely rehearsing daily to up your game and delivery. There are a number of aspects to work on like speed, chords, dexterity and so much more.

You’ve worked on some projects with the alté community, what inspires your sound in that genre?

The sounds are new and are not bound by the norms of commercial music. Apart from the music, their videos are innovative and drive messages, with a nostalgic twist to it.

Imagine you can play a guitar solo for any artiste in the world, who are you picking, and why? 

Definitely Drake. He is the GOAT.

What other songwriters/producers inspire you and your craft?

Spaxx Classic, Sarz on the beat, Bizzouch, Steph, Shizzi

Any advice for beginners out there?

Keep believing, working and be prepared to pay your dues

Listen to an Efe Jazz tune here;

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