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Fasina Melts Hearts With New EP: Love And Grief

Just in time for the season of Love, Nigerian-British artiste Fasina releases his anticipated ep; Love and Grief. The project has only four tracks on it as if teasing for even more to come.

Fasina, unafraid of facing themes head on tackles grief but not in the direct sense of the emotion. He explores the tiny griefs that wear one’s spirit down. From Demon Diamonds to Let Myself Go, Fasina is constantly shifting from a place of loving attention of grieving detachment and distance.

On Demon Diamonds, the artiste sings to the girl interested in him that she needs to leave him alone. “You gotta get me off your arm”. The sombre tune of the track really allows listeners to taste the undertone of sadness that permeates the song.

Waste, the second track on the project, follows Fasina hurt over the fact that his love interest was not true to him. “She had eyes unto my homie”. On this slow paced afrobeats track he sings about wasted time and betrayal

The artiste sings about taking a much needed break on Peace of Mind (LIFE). He sings about needing a break from the life while grieving the loss of people from the North, South and worldwide.

On Let Myself Go, Fasina sings about dealing with sadness and grief with drugs, company and riches. He tries to stifle the pain with accomplishments but ultimately lets himself go when it isn’t enough to keep the sad feelings at bay. 

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