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Grammy Nominated Kah-Lo Releases Her Debut EP, The Arrival

Kah-Lo, is Nigeria-born, US-based artist who has carved her own niche within the dance-pop music scene and is determined to show the world her musical versatility. 

Kah-Lo first came  on the scene in 2016 after assisting UK producer Riton on the hip-house cut “Rinse & Repeat,” which earned the two a Grammy nomination for Best Dance recording

Afterward, she dropped her solo debut single “Fasta” in 2017, which not only got to the top of the BBC Radio 1 Dance charts but also stayed there for five weeks. 

In 2018, Kah-Lo dropped the infectious “Fake I.D.” which went viral on US TikTok, and the viral hits have just kept on coming. 

From then on, Kah-Lo has gone on to work on more projects with even bigger names; fromIdris Elba on “Ballie ” to Selena Gomez on the “Back To You Remix,” and on each collaboration, Kah-Lo shines. 

Her features on Diplo’s “Give Dem,” along with The Knocks on “Awa Ni” have also further crystallized Kah-Lo’s consistent track record for bringing the best out of any song she touches. In 2020, she dropped the rhythmic “Melanin” with Michael Brun, setting the stage for her debut project, The Arrival.

 The Arrival is a five- track show and tell of Kah-Lo’s sonic versatility and musical ability. On these tracks she shows off different aspects of her sound and her ability to paint different scenes in listeners’ minds.


Kah-Lo’s unique style starts off with a strong vocal intro. Kah-Lo’s Ouch paints the picture of a drunken night with her chosen people. The changes in the music progression only fires up the dance animal in the animal.


On this track, Kah-Lo is arrogant, hyping herself, telling the world that just like the title of her EP, she has arrived and she’s not just the fire, she’s the match. The catchy hook, smooth vocals and snazzy instrumental come together to make this song a banger.

Spaceships ft The Knocks

From their song Awa Ni, it’s clear that The Knocks and Kah-Lo are an elite music combination and that confirms itself on this song.

The Knocks and Kah-Lo sound like old friends having a ton of fun on this song, the lyrics sound almost playful and the changing volume between the hook and the verses is so pleasing.


Kah-Lo brings out the reggae dancehall influences on this track. She blurs her house-like sound with a sprinkle of reggaeton and it is a delightful mix.


The first thing that jumps out at a listener about this song is the amazing vocal harmonization. Soul influences are appearing on this track which make the verses sound not only enjoyable but also relaxing. The artiste sings about how the love she gives is sweet and top of the shelf at the candy store and her voice sells it with its own candy sweetness.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson