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Meet Sixsaidit, The Unparalleled Versatile Artiste, Simultaneously taking on diverse subgenres of Music.

Six the versatile artiste devoted to the business of making hits for the“it” Masses.

Six’s culturally diverse upbringing fuels the drive to stand out as a versatile artiste. Moving from Nigeria to North London, then to Atlanta, New York, and currently residing in Los Angeles.  Consequently, the cultural assimilation experience derived while living in these respective cities inspires her diverse bits of sound preference as she fuses the influence of each city sojourn, amplifying it in her music.

Genre-bending, flexible, and adaptable are the most prominent characteristics of Hip Hop and Rap. This is a genre producing a high turnout of famous, notable acts and dedicated fanbases. On the negative side is the monotonous nature of the sound. Regrettably, commercial exploitation enables these thriving acts. For some, it’s the repetition of the same subject matters stitching together money, girls, and drugs on the same aggressive, fast-paced beat.

Comparatively, variety is the spice of life, stands up against the genre’s commercialization. To this end, commercialization and competitive streaming ranks higher than the importance of sound diversity. Evidently, the listeners enable this circular motion of recounting old tales on already discussed subject matters.

The likes of Drake, Pharrell, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Doja Cat.  Over the years have stood out as versatile artists making music differently, dabbling in different genres while simultaneously championing the rap scene. The diversity reflected in their style, production pattern, and flexible subject matters and tones is clear and explicit.

Representation inspires and influences novel ideas. On the positive side, young talented acts like Six can dare to reach the stars, knowing someone else has sojourned successfully.

Female Rappers or Just Rappers.

The female rap scene is, in reality, sadly categorized as “flourishing under the veil of an existential drought.” This unhealthy conceptualization limits the acceptance of the progress and reaches covered by females in this genre. Each time a discussion comes up, there is a counter-response knocking off the achievement of hardworking females in that scene. This doesn’t come as a surprise in a male-dominated genre of music. “Emetekoro Omene” the Nigerian- British  Rapper professionally known as “Sixsaidit,” shortened to “Six.” She is the type who prefers being referred to as a rapper than a “Female” rapper, which not only sounds limiting but also discriminatory. Also, Six doesn’t subscribe to being boxed into a niche and this greatly influences her multi-faceted music choice and genre preference.

Despite commercialization and record deal promotion plans for monotonous artists, Six is determined to make the type of music she enjoys and is neither bothered by trying to sound like the rest. To stand out exceptionally you must be ready to take on a path not charted by many others.

From being that little kid running around in Alade Market to a Nurse while shuttling Music. Six understands the importance of hard work and consistency in achieving personal dreams, goals, and aspirations.

 Her “Take Your Man” performance by City Girls at Trap Karaoke sparked the awakening of a talented performer. This was the point Six realized taking on music and rapping was an option within her capabilities. She had gone from doing hair to youtube, and as a child, she was constantly on the move and trying to fit in. It felt like the moment the stars aligned, and she finally found something she was really passionate about.

“Buckhead Freestyle” was her soft launch to professionally making music. The track sampling “OL dirt Bastards,” “ Baby, I got your money.” She released “Sincerely XI,”……

Outside I,’ released in 2020, is the first leg of the series  “Outside.” It was one of the few times everyone globally was experiencing the same issues concurrently. The aftermath demands a change from exhausting daily patterns coined by the colloquial expression  “We outside.” Outside, almost in the same light signposts, a breath of fresh air from the pandemic and literally a break from the common monotonous nature of the genre.

“Outside I” is an EP that perfectly exponentiates her genre-blending and artistic versatility. Basically, this Seven-track introduction is not only concise but also clear enough to capture what Six is about and the expectation of consequent releases. Indeed, listeners are a bit taken aback, unsure of her genre categorization and classification. However, there is a certain zest and individuality to it she commands, making it easier to follow through.

The” Good witch of the North” marks a remarkable presence for an intro. It sounds like something produced in the “Roll Deep” discography. Six has her ways of mixing old rap with contemporary rap doubled down on her Rap prowess.

The afrobeat-inspired inclusion on “Pigeon Talk” combined with her Uk Rap sound  as she sings, “omo shakara , your body too nice Dey dey hail your mama.” Notably, Six capabilities of metamorphosing into diverse and almost every sound need to be further studied. “Spicy” has a semi Drill flair to it. 

Whatever introduction needs to be done has been succinctly stated. Outside II, is Six stepping into the game authoritatively. Unlike Outside 1 and Sincerely XI, there is no time for persuasion. Equipped with a come and experience these- yourself tone. She is very much aware of her dominance. The intro “Wicked Bitch of the South” says it all. She raps, “only the real can match this energy,” “Who said Six isn’t the greatest of all time.”

Disrespectful has the knack of hip hop and Rap bops, the ones that have you making the “this is cold” mean mugging face. “Choosey” is a catchy pop song, and the music video creatively directed by Six. This versatile artiste is sure a bundle of talents waiting to go mainstream.

“Outside II” gracefully represents her presence in the hip-hop scene as a versatile artiste capable of taking on diverse subgenres. The 12-track LP; characterized by an outstanding rap flow, tone switching, immaculate bars, and an exceptional hybrid genre blend. “Mirror Mirror on the wall” Six is most definitely giving her contenders a run for their money.

The series style largely influenced and inspired by the G.O.A.T archives on prominent acts like  Lil Wayne on his Tha Carter I- IV release and Jayyz The Blue Print.

Accordingly, a glance through Six’s discography shows, that she is intentional about her sound and isn’t limited by the mainstream appeal. She boasts of making hits for “it girls and boys.” This critically acclaimed statement reflects the inkling of every first-time listener. She easily maneuvers female empowerment and sex-positive lyricism on a rhythmic pattern.

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.