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Radr Essentials Vol. 26; SGawd, Deto Black, April Maey, Buju And More

Are you feeling good about yourself and you want to brag about it? Do you have a testimony? Are you a lover of enjoyment? If all of these things hold true, then you’ll be happy to rock with Buju, Yemi Alade, Lady Donli, Deto black and so much more on this edition of Radr Essentials. As usual, the Radr team has brought you a list of the freshest and hottest rack that have dropped over the last week and some dedicated reading to keep you grooving and entertained.

Testimony- Buju

Buju knows how to write a song and is not afraid to brag about it like he did on his chart topping track ”outside”. Testimony however, takes a different course. On this track he is singing to his love interest not to leave him as revenge for the things that he did wrong. The hook is catchy, fast and perfect for the dance floor.

Sweatshirt- April Maey

Soft, whimsical and chill, these are all words that aptly describe April Maey’s energy on her new single, Sweatshirt. On this song, she sings about embracing her ever happy emotional state and differences from the rest of the populace. She doesn’t mind being in a sweat shirt or wearing comfortable shoes at all and the upbeat, yet ambient vocals invite the listener to accept their own self as well

Searching- Lady Donli

No one else can put a delightful spin on nostalgic tunes quite the way that Lady Donli does. A stark difference from her fast, high energy tracks she has been dropping recently, Searching is much more sedate. Listeners will bounce on these soft beats as the artiste sings about finding herself and she’s not stopping till she does.

Enjoyment- Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade hashas tapped strongly into the energy of her fan base to release this track. Enjoyment is in her signature catchy style with robust drums and high energy. Yemi Alade is singing about how enjoyment is important to her, warning her love interest to come to her with full pockets because she wants to enjoy herself and lets be real who doesn’t?

Canada- YMK Sama ft Eri Ife & DTO

The rapper and songwriter has been laying low for most of the year but is back on the scene again with his new single, Canada. YMK Sama lifts the issue of the nation’s problems frustrating the youth to light. A deeply relatable track with highlife overtones, political undertones, and beautiful saxophone notes, listeners are bound to love this track about leaving for better lands.

Gorgeous- SaveMilli ft Blaqbonez

This track has a fantastic, catchy hook that listeners will fall in love with immediately. SaveMilli and Blaqbonez merge their styles more seamlessly than expected on this song, though Blaqbonez has more of a high energy style, he fits right at home on this track about looking up nice to fit the part.

Brag- Deto Black

Deto Black is in her bag and is not afraid to show it off. The rapper drops this track about being the baddest and she doesn’t even have to try. “I’m too fly, I don’t even need to try.” Deto is stepping on necks and her listeners will love her bars about it.

Popshit- SGawd ft Somadina

Soft, sultry voices and concrete hard bars, SGawd and Somadina are the perfect blend on this song. The artistes sing and rap about how excited they are for when they begin to pop and blow up and honestly we can’t wait either.

Looseguard- Akiriko

If you’re looking for a new song to dance to and get jiggy, this is the song. This upbeat afrobeats track sees the artiste singing that he doesn’t want to lose his love interest because she’s such a catch.

Who Goes There- Dagizah

Dagizah delivers a high energy song over an interesting, dynamic beat. The artiste sings that being in a place where there is no money isn’t worth it to him and how he and his crew run things from local to international spaces. The street music influences can be enjoyed on the catchy hook sung over a superb saxophone mix.


The Heart Of Redness- Zakes Mda

Zakes Mda, playwright, poet, educator, and author of the award-winning novel  “Ways of Dying” is one of the most important figures of the postapartheid generation of writers in South Africa. This book is a retelling of the occurrences and rifts between tribes and peoples as colonizers invade South Africa and subjugate it. The book has several metaphors and subtle references that may be lost on a reader who is unfamiliar with the history, but overall an exciting read.

Cry The Beloved Country- Alan Paton

This deeply emotional book published in 1948 is set in South Africa and tells the story of a priest whose world becomes completely unraveled after he receives a letter telling him to come and help his ill sister in Johannesburg.

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