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RADR Essentials Vol. 68: Ninety, Valvin, Ric Hassani, and Others

Hold my side – Ninety 

Hold my side was released as part of Ninety’s anticipated Seven track EP tagged ‘Rare GEM’.

Coming off strongly from R&B and Hip-Hop influences, Ninety’s first experiment with AfroPop was a success. This simple but well-layered track was created in collaboration with Producer Typae and co-written by Brown Joel; I found the violins added to be an interesting bit for me.

In his debut into the Nigerian music scene, Alubo Tuonims, also known as Ninety sings about not wanting to ever be apart from his lover. 

Soweto- by David Melli

In less than a week after its release, Soweto is already gearing up to be a fan favourite.

With his album and a couple of EPs under his belt, David is no stranger to the afrobeat scene.

Might sound cliche but the chorus of this song is my favourite part. It’s the part that makes you stand to dance after chair dancing for the longest while verses. I need some of what’s in the water in Soweto. This song, again, reaffirms my need to go to Soweto ASAP.

Bad Bad – Happi

Hey Happi, what’s Happi-ning? Lol

You may have come across Happi on the streets of Instagram where he is famous for making creative afrobeat flips on songs; from the popular songs to the most unexpected sounds there’s nothing Happi cannot flip.

If you thought that was intriguing, wait till you find out he is as talented on his OG songs. Bad Bad is a song for Happi’s lover.

She’s the baddest in the game and he makes sure she knows it. Watch the serene visuals for Bad Bad and then go binge Happi’s Instagram Page. Thank me later.

Angel – Ric Hassani, J Balvin

You might have deduced the team at RADR is in their feelings this month.

The Love songs keep pouring in. Off his second studio album, ‘The Prince I Became’  Ric Hassani teams up with J Balvin who delivers his sultry Spanish verse as excellently as expected. 

Ric Hassani is so expressive in his love and it’s absolutely beautiful to hear. “I’m not the strongest but I’ll fight for you… I was created for you”.  Over a year after the release of the OG version, Ric released an acoustic version and I was equally enthralled when I listened. 

Nazarene – An Endless Ocean

Nazarene is the latest song by Alli-Hakeem Ayobami popularly known as ‘An Endless Ocean’ and fondly called AEO.

Nazarene is a breath of fresh air in the Christian genre of music. The replay value is through the roof! In just a few days after its release, Nazarene has become a fav in and out of the Christian sphere.

It’s incredible songwriting with punchlines like “Kini capital, I’ll never trade you for nothing”. You can tell that AEO  loves this song as much as we do seeing as he takes his time to get into his dance moves towards the end of the video for this song. 

As friends – Gabzy

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non-Binary folks, we have the Friend Zone Anthem. Why is it so good though? Imagine being in pain and dancing after the person you like sends you this song to pass their message. Hot tears

I wish everyone was as upfront about their thoughts the way Gabzy did on the track. He let this girl know in too many sentences with the phrase “As Friends” that he wanted to be just that – Friends. 

The Vibes between them in the visuals were giving everything but “Just friends” though. I love it all the same. 

It’s Friday – Valvin, Beaken

Typing this on a Friday so I find this to be a fitting tune. This song opens with Trumpets which I think is unconventional and dope. Yet another love song for this week.

Valvin and Beaken are planning to go all out for their lover. If a man promises you Fuel in this economy, Marry him my dears. That’s the ultimate show of love. Also, love the Instrumental solo at the end because for close to a minute we are serenaded by just that. I need to find who’s on the Trumpet ASAP

Rose Komolafe
Rose Komolafe