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AMA Lagos Is Reimagining Male Fashion For The WorkPlace

The importance of clothes in the making of a dapper-looking man cannot be overemphasized. However, it might be easy for one to blend into the never-ending stream of clothes that make you look okay but it’s time to move on to clothes that make you look GREAT and AMA Lagos is doing just that.

AMA Lagos presents CORPORATE MAN, a new collection that looks into the dress lifestyle of a corporate working man, with the goal of blending his personal style into the corporate world. Inspired by traditional and colonial cultures and fashion, it is the perfect combination of looks to enable diversity in modes of dressing while carrying out collective economic and social duties. 

This collection looks to create a consciousness of ‘why you dress a certain way’, change the narrative around ethnic clothing for work, while making more work wear options available.

The overall vision of this collection encourages a risk taking, stylish and functional wardrobe for the corporate man. 

This collection features suits in 2- and 3-piece options, kaftans and Agbada looks adorned in Phoenix and Sharaba embroidery and styled in Awolowo and Tandara caps. 

The Corporate man collection is now available for bespoke tailoring orders. 


Shoes – Overalls

Bags – Detail Africa

Styling – Oseyi Adams 

Creative direction – Afolabi Adekoya and Oseyi Adams

Photography – Bamidele Babarinde 

Model – Afolabi Adekoya

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson