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Adunolaoluwa Osilowo is a model and creative director who explores the boundaries of herself and her personal expression through creative works such as this shoot. 

In full acceptance of her sensuality, Adunolaoluwa takes the wardrobe staple, denim, and makes it into something bursting with color and personality. She has a deep connection to the clothing and it shows in the vibrant poses, carefree combination, and comforting vibe that emanate  from the photos from this shoot.  She speaks at length about her inspirations for the shoot as well as her creative direction for it.

She says,” Denim, the classic wardrobe staple that’ll never go out of style. Dressed up or down, with jeans your choices are limitless. I want to share some brands that are all about adding cool twists to the easy to wear wardrobe staple. These brands have come up from individuals expressing themselves and their individualism is showing through their art. Now their art isn’t just performative, it’s in the clothes they put on and how it’s worn. Their canvas is denim and they have a full range of the level of creativity that they want to express.”

”With a brand like @bahtshit, it’s the deliberate bleached out/acid wash technique that creates specific and interesting patterns, @pi_eces comes with interesting extra details of distressing the denim, adding breeches, zippers and extra pockets (who doesn’t loooovvveeee extra pockets). The brand @popartii is literally painting on denim (talk about a canvas!) taking your favorite quotes, tv shows and cartoons and arranging them in a harmony of colors that you just can’t ignore and @mak.official pieces are not too far off, though they prefer to go the classic route with black and white rather than a burst of color, they breathe life with quotes and pictures using denim as an expressive art from with a message. These are just a few, the world of repurposed denim (cool jeans) is so big and growing every day.”

She also expresses her delight at the various styles of cool jeans popping up. They’re fun, different, individual, eye catching and fashionable; everything clothing should be. 

Adun continues, saying,” I think what’s amazing about this is how organic it is because these brands weren’t birthed off the idea “I want to put people in cool jeans”, it’s purely individuals wearing themselves and everyone else gravitating towards that energy. We’re creating and in creating we’re showing who we are through what we wear. It’s not high-fashion but it could be, depending on how its styled, however, it’s not simply street style because it transcends that, it’s a statement and once you wear it, you stand out, no matter what else you have on.

Everywhere I look now, I see people putting their personalities into their clothing, what’s cool isn’t just what a celebrity or someone that has attained status in a particular field says is cool, what’s cool now is what we all say is cool. A couple years from now everyone’s going to be wearing ‘Cool Jeans” if they’re not already wearing them this very moment.”


Clothes: @bahtshit , @pi_eces, @popartii, @mak.official

Photography: @asamaiige

Makeup: @__lolypop_

Creative direction and set design : @just.adun

Contributors: @omotayocoker, @anitaekpo,, @thechrisbill

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Betty Godson