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Taking On Sensuality With Adunola Osilowo

Adunola Osilowo sat down with RadrAfrica and shared her motivations and inspiration behind her latest shoot ”Comfortable In My Skin”. Bursting with sensual color, and cool lighting, Adunola Osilowo is not afraid to explore shoot ideas outside her comfort zone and own them.

The model also shares how she was afraid to express her own sensuality  because she was unsure of how she would be perceived. Now, Adunola owns herself in front of the camera because she realized sexiness is what you make of it.

She says;

”This is the first of many projects I want to embark on, a big part of everything I do is inspired by the people around me and being able to showcase their genius through my vision fills my heart up so much.

Everyone that worked on this shoot directly and indirectly have been a huge support in my life especially in this very trying year and I hope I was able to showcase their art as much as mine.

For this shoot I wanted to take up a challenge of sensuality and sexy, it may sound funny and a bit odd but I don’t feel very much sexy a lot of the times, awkward and uncomfortable have been words and feelings that I associate with being sexy. Every time I’d do a shoot and the photographer would say act sexy my mind would completely fry and then I’d pray that what I was doing was portrayed as sexy but now I’ve grown so much to realize that sexy is what I make it and I’ve becoming so comfortable in my skin and my person that I’m less afraid to be my version of sexy. 

Finally the motivation to do this shoot was provided with the album drop of one of my inspirations Miley Cyrus ‘Plastic hearts’ the entire shoot was done with the album playing on repeat and it fueled the energy in the room. I’m very proud of the images and visuals that the whole team is putting out and I can’t wait to do more.”

Creative Direction, Styling & shoot coordination: @just.adun


Videography: @jst_tobii

Makeup: @moniba.tse 

Bts & all round support system: @anitaekpo


@julsintime @omotayocoker

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