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The 10 new designers from LFW’s green access 2022 

The runway shows recap of the 10 finalists from Lagos fashion week’s green access 2022

This year’s Lagos fashion week theme was – Africa: shaping fashion’s future. And the finalists of Lagos fashion week’s green access programme gave life to this theme. It took place from the 26th to the 30th of October, 2022 and we just cannot get over all that fashion goodness. 

So we’d like to introduce you to the finalists of Green Access 2022 by Lagos fashion week. An initiative funded by the BESTSELLER foundation, a fashion group in partnership with Style house files and Fayrouz. 

Green access 2022 is basically a talent discovery platform that shines a spotlight on fashion enterprises that are producing with more environmentally, socially, and ethically conscious efforts. 

“Green Access is a sustainable fashion accelerator programme that nurtures young designers and drives the recommitment of resource efficiency, biodegradability, longevity, and recyclability as guiding principles for fashion design and production” they note via the Lagos fashion week’s official Instagram page. 

Each of the finalists showcased a collection of three looks on the runway at Lagos fashion week, got publicity, and had retail activation. 

Photography by Insignaonline

Adara Soludo – Nigeria (Aorah Studio)

The collection was titled “Ogbanaonwea” meaning “it designs itself”. It was inspired by the Akwete textile and looks that were hand woven. The mini collection featured 3 looks in peach and pink.

Themba Paulos Shezi – South Africa (Herushezi)

The collection featured three looks that played on layering in triangular cuts, elegance, and vibrant colors. It incorporated Ponchos, crochets, embellishments, upcycling, ribbing, and tie-dye.  

Nneji Akunne – Nigeria (House of Akachi)

The collection titled “N’okpuru Mmiri” featured feminine looks with lovely necklines and centers around elements of nature such as water, architecture, and climate change. 

Lu Adesola – Nigeria (Lul’la studio )

The three looks featured well-tailored outfits in pink, green, and orange. They were accessorized with teddy bears.

Kwaku Kyere – Ghana (Meta Kay)

The collection featured looks in blue, orange, and brown with the use of weaves, a polka dot print, and ruches.

Akoth Otieno – Kenya (Olisa Kenya)

The three looks in this collection featured different techniques of crochet. One, a long-sleeved mini dress, another, a long dress with hip long slits on both sides and a midi straight dress. 

Peter Oshobor – Nigeria (Oshobor)

The collection incorporated handmade yarn installations in brown, white, and red that took over a month to create.

Peter Acha – Nigeria (Pettre taylor)

The collection featured three deconstructed and patchwork looks that celebrate upcycling and sustainability. They also included crochet and string elements.

Essrhir Scheherazade – Morocco (Sahrzad designs)

The collection featured a modern take on Moroccan designs using silk material in an entirely handcrafted elegant asymmetrical gown, a robe-like top and sheer pants, and an orange gown with a hoodie. 

Sipho Lushaba – South Africa (SVL designs)

The collection had three looks that were upcycled from different materials and prints. It also featured accessories like a plastic bowl, plastic bucket and the popular ‘Ghana must go’ bag.

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Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba