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Brandon “Blue” Hamilton and Walter Spearheart bring classical music to the heart of Lagos.

“Thank you, Lagos for the warm welcome, the culture, and the beautiful people. Lagos is so rich and experiencing the city Walter has spent a significant part of his life was very important to the team  – Brandon “Blue” Hamilton. 

Brandon Hamilton, professionally known as Blue, is a Grammy-nominated American music producer from Atlanta with production credits for Justin Beiber, Robin Thicke, August Alsina, D woods, etc.

As a multi-platinum record producer and songwriter, Blue’s indispensable assets are his ears as he enjoys music mellow.

 “I don’t turn the music up just because I’m making it. I keep it a little low while I’m creating, if it makes me rock when the volume is on two, I’m confident others will feel it too”.

 The confidence that led him to the discovery of Walter Spearheart. 

Walter Spearheart is a multidisciplinary performing and recording artist. With over 15 years in the industry, Walter is versatile with the violin, guitar, and the traditional Celtic Harp. For Walter, the message his art conveys is “healing”. He views his art as a tool to help connect, heal, and flow in a positive stream of consciousness.

“Music by itself does not heal, but it can help prepare the soul to receive and the soul can only receive in humility” – Walter Spearheart

Blue and Walter met recently and were able to form a bond that translates beyond the music. The producer and artist duo have similar core values and have joined hands to take Walter’s art to a global scale. 

“Walter’s sound to me is soothing and the influence of his roots and heritage is what makes him so unique. This partnership has been in the works for a minute and I had to come down to Nigeria myself to really understand the elements that bring Walters’ creativity together”

Speaking on collaborating with Blue, Walter believes the timing of their coming together is perfect for the shift the world is currently experiencing. 

“2020 shook the world and my outlook on life made me see the changes around me in a positive light. Blue and I have been working, making music that will  touch lives and help see the beauty of life lies with us and our ability to show and receive love” 

The duo held a private showcase at Oti’s on Tuesday, 25th November, 2020 with key industry players in attendance. The result of the showcase was an electrifying feeling that brought life back to the heart of Lagos.

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