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Timaya Celebrates A Life Of Gratitude With His New Album

“Gratitude” is both Timaya’s most anticipated new album and his most unique collection yet. The carefully curated 15-track project is his 7th studio album, and it sees him take center-stage of his rock-solid artistry with no guest features. For Timaya stans, this album brings a heightened level of experience of the goodness that the Bayelsa star’s music has come to be known for through his 15-year career. 

Previously released singles off the project like I Can’t Kill Myself, The Mood, Born to Win and the recently released Gra Gra, cemented this album as a pop-culture success on arrival. Timaya’s music has always been a seamless blend of afrobeat and traditional tunes but on this album that blurring of genres is not only heightened it is even diversified.

On this project, Timaya not only explores dicey topics like karma and being backstabbed, in doing this he still manages to keep an arrogant demeanour when talking about the times he wasn’t on top like on Don Baba, Born To Win and Gra gra.

Against all the odds of the 2020 decade, Timaya is thankful. As such, he has translated his emotions into high vibrational content, revealing his approach to life and its uncertainties. With optimum production from Orbeat, Spotless, Yung Willis, Ayzed, Chillz, Vybe O, Wildxyouths, Boombeatz, Krizbeatz, and Chrisstringz, Timaya takes us on a groovy journey into his seemingly bubbly yet mostly sedate lifestyle.

The album opens up with Born to Win’s gentle jive. The song is a modern day praise poem, a perfect pick me up for any Timaya fan. The song bursts with optimism, self confidence and hope. 

Iberibe an example of his musical fusion is a bookmark to remind the listener they’re listening to a master. The catchy hook and the groovy vine of the song makes it an instant fave. 

Gra Gra reaffirms his easy and zen way of life  he tries to explain that he’s coasting through life but still reminds listeners that he will not hesitate to fight those who try to bring him harm.

Local and Bougie presents the multi platinum-selling artiste at his most playful. Timaya not so subtly explores how people treat him differently depending on what station of life he’s in. He playfully sings about switching between being local and being boujie and whichever he chooses, he still will not beg for love.

Never been one to hide or minimize his faith. Timaya recounts a period of his life while reiterating his total submission to God on Ebiola Papa.

A classic addition to his expansive catalogue, Gratitude attests to the fact that Timaya’s long run in the music industry is far from over and will clear any doubts about his falling off his music game during his hiatus. His consistency has paid off, he is at his best at all fronts, and he is now dedicated to telling his story as a tool for the upliftment and enjoyment of all his fans.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson