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Friday Drops: Shopé, Drayko, Loti And More

Another weekend is upon us and to kick it off, we’re bringing you some of the hottest tracks to vibe to and enjoy this weekend including Shopé, Loti, Drayko and more.

Minimum wage- Drayko

This afro-trap fusion has a catchy fast paced tune that is bound to get listeners heads bobbing. Drayko brings a fresh take on this track with his lyricism and delivery.

Show Me- Abra Cadabra

This track is a heavy fusion of traditional rap and drill. The song is bursting with energy from the beat, with its heavy bass to the ad libs and machine gun sounds. It is impossible to listen to this song without feeling like jumping. The hook is catchy and the lyrical delivery is excellent alongside the adlibs. 

Perfect Fantasy- Loti & KD ft Tim Lyre

Loti and KD team up on these energetic lo-fi tracks to create a picture of the artiste’s fantasy involving his love interest. The catchy tunes are filled with sensual innuendos and sexual pictures that makes the listener understand the ariste’s fantasies.

Symbiosis- Ajebo hustlers ft Nissi

The track opens up with deep vocals in excellent harmony. The song is about a love that is balanced in both giving and receiving. The artiste’s sing about love being a two-way street and how loving their partner is her loving them back in equal measure. They sing ”She giving me and I’m giving back.”

Friday Visuals

Rikiki- Shope

The artiste Shopé dropped his RIKIKI E.P. earlier in October, it was a sonic attempt to fuse the music of his homeland with the music he heard as a child and teenager in Toronto.

“Rikiki,” the titular song of the project represents that attempt more than any song on the project blending Yoruba lingo and hip-hop cadences across its run-time. 

In the music video for the single, Shopé enlivens his music with even more vibrant imagery. He combines his sound with vibrant colors, energetic dancing and of course, stunning vocals.

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